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Strict dieting seems to be a thing all celebrities’ swear by. Well do you think its easier to lie and say I eat chicken, rice, and veggies for every meal, or does it sound easier to admit they take performance-enhancing drugs with the best chefs and all the time in the world to eat how they want while tracking calories?

Diets FAIL we all know that but what is the WHY?

When you become too strict on a diet and you cut out things excessively fast without doing the right research you will have cravings to binge over and over again. Unless you have some of the luckiest genetics around!

A strict diet is very hard to stick to because it is very unrealistic and unneeded. Unless you are trying to step on the Olympia stage! And, even at that point, I can argue several different facts on that as well as bodybuilders that do not strict diet until a week or so up to their show.

If you have failed to stick to a strict diet over and over again what makes you think the next time you eat like this you will be able to maintain it?!

Fitness is not and will never be a strict 12 weeks of dieting then back to the norm you had before the diet started.

Fitness and losing weight and actually keeping it off is small daily lifestyle changes to lead up to BIG changes on the scale and the way your clothes fit.

If you change from pop to diet pop it is healthier than sticking to pop and changing nothing. Do not overcomplicate the process of becoming a better you.

Look for bread lower in calories and higher in protein and fiber to help you stay full longer. Swap out your high-calorie snack for smart pop popcorn which has tons of volume and less calories.

Life is all about choices and so is what you force into your mouth. Choose lower-calorie higher protein foods to stay full while losing weight. Get a 1/2 gallon to 1 gallon of water a day to help with digestion and staying full longer.

A diet does not have to be over complicated or a 12-week task slow and steady will win you the overall health race. Fitness, health, and wellness do not have to be full of boring food and expensive supplements. It all boils down to eating less and moving more.

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