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Let’s break down what exactly supplements mean!

The quick and easy answer is: absolutely not.

Does coach Kyle owner of Perry’s Power Fitness use or recommend supplements? Yes, I do, but not to every single client and I do not think every client needs or should take supplements.

So let’s break down what exactly the word supplement means.

Supplement = something that completes or enhances something else when added to it.

So something that completes or enhances something when it has been added to something.

If you are already eating enough protein then the need for a protein powder does not exist. If you lack protein in your diet or can not get enough meals in to eat protein every 4-5 hours to keep protein synthesis going in the body. Science shows no more than 5 hours and you need more protein.

You are either building or destroying cells there is no in-between phase. If you can not reach that protein goal then you need supplements to help you hit that protein requirement to build lean muscle mass and burn body fat effectively. If you can get that much protein through whole foods then you do not need a protein supplement.

The same question needs to be asked for energy, or multivitamins.

Do you have enough energy to make it through an effective workout?

Well then you do not need a pre-workout, if you can not maintain enough energy then maybe a pre-workout will help you feel more alive in the gym.

When you eat do you eat all the colors of the rainbow?

If not you may be lacking the important vitamins and minerals and can supplement with a multivitamin. Make sure it is a capsule or gel form they absorb better in the body.

So you need to ask yourself certain questions before just jumping on the band wagon and taking 47 different supplements putting excess stress on your organs just because your favorite tik tok “guru” tells you to take his word for it.

What do I take? I take a protein supplement from as well as as a pump product to ensure I get adequate blood flow to help with a better pump in the gym because:

Blood flow = nutrient flow which then = growth

I also take creatine because it’s one of the most researched supplements around still to this day with proven benefits to help with strength, heart health, and many more benefits. And the price is very affordable on any budget!

Always speak to a health care provider before starting a supplement regimen. Even if your fitness coach recommends it, it is always the safe route to ask a doctor before starting any program. I get it, it can be a hassle to go in and check with a doctor before starting something that seems so simple but you never know what can prevent a health scare down the road!

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