Nutrition Do You Need To Be On A Strict Diet During The Holidays?

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I preach no strict diet to my clients, especially on holidays, because if it is not sustainable then it will fail!

I know, I know you have heard over and over again you need diet consistency to see results, but is it always the end all be all?

Think about how many days off you get for holidays in the workforce. The business still runs and makes profit even after taking time off for the holidays right?

Well, your body can run the same as a profitable business by taking breaks during the holidays and still seeing results you want to see.

If you hit your calorie deficit 350ish days a year and take 15 days off throughout the year it will not hurt the progress you have made.

It may actually help your results. Your body glycogen levels will return to normal levels. The extra calories will help you feel better and provide the energy your body may have been lacking being in a caloric deficit for so long.

Eating what you want on the holidays can be a very refreshing feeling and much needed.

Diets fail if you become to strict with the diet. If you do not believe look up the statistics on how many people fail on the diets they set out to start.

I preach no strict diets to my clients because if it is not sustainable then it will FAIL. I have helped clients lose weight by being in a caloric deficit and still eating food they love and need to keep them on track.

If you become too strict on a diet a binge day will happen. Then you will get down on yourself and start to second guess the diet.

Think about: how many diets have you fallen off the wagon trying to complete because the diet did not work for you?

Well if you answered all of them then what makes you think the next round of dieting will change how the success/ fail rate outcome is?

I do not disagree with strict dieting when you are going to compete because when you need to get to single-digit body fat and you start to cut calories eventually you will be eating only “clean” foods or you will be starving trying to fit a flexible diet into 1600-1800 calories the last few weeks coming up to a competition.

My goal in the fitness industry is to help people learn how to stay social while losing the weight they want to lose.

So, with that being said, enjoy the holidays, eat the food, drink the eggnog, drink the beer, snack on the brownies.

When the next day rolls around do not step on the scale and continue on your caloric deficit! 353 days of great eating habits out of 365 days equals to be a 96.7% success rate of that year and if you are in school that’s an A!

So if you are achieving an A in the life of dieting I would say that is a very successful and suitable way to lose weight, would you not agree?

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