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drink alcohol and lose weight

Can you drink alcohol and lose weight?

Very simple answer – yes. Do I recommend it? That is a different answer altogether.

I do tell my clients to be as flexible as possible. But the question is if a coach lets you drink, will it turn into a binge?

Alcohol, when consumed at higher amounts, tends to have you making decisions without a proper response to the decision at hand. Let’s say you get drunk or have beers and you are still well within your calorie range for the day. BUT you are feeling tipsy so someone orders pizza and you are starting to get the IDGAF attitude so you slam more beers and 3 pieces of pizza.

You then will start to have the attitude well I already ruined my diet so I might as well keep drinking and eating for the rest of the night. So, now you are 5,000 calories over your daily calories. That many calories to correct for the following week will have you starving. Which is not a good feeling for anyone no matter how much discipline you have!

So in the short answer, yes. Yes, you can drink alcohol and lose weight but you need to be honest with yourself. Can you control yourself once you start to get buzzed? I love alcohol. I am a Marine Corps Veteran and well we were founded in a bar so every celebration ended with alcohol. But we were in shape mainly because our NEAT was so high from so much pt, daily running, and lifting two days a week. Are you that active in your daily life? I am assuming not, so you can not get away with abundance of alcohol drinking!

I drink on average once or twice a week when I go out for work meetings or a family event, just making sure it hits my calories!

Is alcohol healthy in abundance?

That is a whole topic for another article. But the question at hand – yes you can drink alcohol and lose weight. If you do it in a way that is smart and you use it to your advantage.

If you can make it fit your diet then I suggest you do it! Life is short and even though we all want to be in great shape and lie to ourselves and say we will not drink when we go to the social event why not just enjoy the event and not stress it!

Drink a few drinks enjoy your night and get back on the road of success the following morning! Check out my pages below of client’s before and after’s they also drank some alcohol while losing weight. So, if you have the discipline then no problem!

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