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Mansfield, United States of America

Kyle Perry

Mansfield, United States of America

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Is Motivation Real?

15 Aug 2022

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP! We all know that very loud annoying noise in different variations of the DREADFUL alarm clock, am I right? Unless I am wrong none of us want to wake up by an alarm clock to go do cardio or beat ourselves up in the gym. Motivation comes once you wipe the […]

What is The Best Weight Loss Program?

2 Aug 2022

What is the best weight loss program? What if I told you the program itself does not matter, would you believe me? Consistency is the best weight loss program. PERIOD. It does not matter if you can go very strict for 12-16 weeks if once you come off of that program you rebound and again […]

Is Clean Eating the Answer?

26 Jul 2022

Do you need to eat clean to see results? You do not, is the short answer. You do not have to eat perfect to see great results. If you understand the basic principles of how energy works in the body, calories are used to fuel your body in a very basic explanation of fuel for […]

Once a Failure, Always a Failure?

21 Dec 2021

I hear this from time to time from people who have failed to lose weight and they think because they failed before they will never be able to lose weight. Ask yourself a few questions: Did you start slow? And did you do enough research? Did you eat foods you love or did you eat […]

Procrastination Means Failure

15 Dec 2021

When you tell yourself you will start a new challenge, workout, or make a change on new years, you are already setting yourself up for ultimate failure. This type of goal setting is already showing your procrastination for the task you want to set for yourself. If you really wanted to make a change when it […]

Do You Need Supplements?

15 Dec 2021

The quick and easy answer is: absolutely not. Does coach Kyle owner of Perry’s Power Fitness use or recommend supplements? Yes, I do, but not to every single client and I do not think every client needs or should take supplements. So let’s break down what exactly the word supplement means. Supplement = something that completes […]

Can You Drink Alcohol and Lose Weight?

12 Dec 2021

Very simple answer – yes. Do I recommend it? That is a different answer altogether. I do tell my clients to be as flexible as possible. But the question is if a coach lets you drink, will it turn into a binge? Alcohol, when consumed at higher amounts, tends to have you making decisions without […]

Do You Need To Be On A Strict Diet During The Holidays?

3 Dec 2021

I know, I know you have heard over and over again you need diet consistency to see results, but is it always the end all be all? Think about how many days off you get for holidays in the workforce. The business still runs and makes profit even after taking time off for the holidays […]

Why Strict Diet Fails

2 Dec 2021

Strict dieting seems to be a thing all celebrities’ swear by. Well do you think its easier to lie and say I eat chicken, rice, and veggies for every meal, or does it sound easier to admit they take performance-enhancing drugs with the best chefs and all the time in the world to eat how […]