Exercise My Top Two Strength Exercises and Why

My Top Two Strength Exercises and Why

Number 1 – Deadlifts


Because of the simple fact, the deadlift teaches the simple movement of picking an object up off the ground and putting it back down correctly. Strengthening the back and making it easy to lift children up off the ground as an example.

Number 2 – Back Squat


Being underneath a bar and lifting a heavyweight is really something else. It not only builds mental strength, instills resiliency, but it is also so empowering in many ways.

It is empowering because a lot of weight can be lifted and the bar does not lie, Either the weight can be lifted, or it can’t. Seeing the weight increase over time and feeling that a previous weight use to be hard and is now easy, is a feeling like no other.

Plus who doesn’t want a strong squat?

Should I do cardio before or after lifting weights?

Both exercises strengthen the body enormously because they use multiple muscles at one time. Like trying to lift a car. One person (one muscle) Trying to lift it is going to be next to near impossible. But many people (many muscles) Will make it easier as there is a lot more help.

I have seen these two exercises alone change the mind in many ways.

The great thing about both exercises is that the weight can be lifted or it can’t.

Learning the mechanics of both exercises is vital to maximizing strength and reducing the chances of injuries as we get older.

Here is a strength program that is great to start off with, as it is simple, easy to follow and it builds strength faster than one initially thinks.

Getting strong is easy. All it takes is consistency, effort and knowing what to do.

Give it a go and send me a video of your squat and deadlift either through Facebook or Instagram and I will give you my feedback.

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