Exercise The Beginners Guide to Getting Strong for Women

Women who lift and its benefits

Simplicity is the key. Too many people over think what they do and they end up going around in circles not knowing what to do.

The program below has helped many of my clients lift 100kgs and more, and allowed them to feel confident, do day to day activities easily (like carrying all the groceries in one load without struggling) and improved how they felt about themselves.

Stick with this program for 6 weeks and follow it like there is no tomorrow and I guarantee. Deadlifting 60kgs if not more will be lifted.

Every week try to increase the weight that was lifted previously. It may seem scary but it is 100% possible and will only show how strong one can be. If a weight was lifted one week, may as well go up the following week since it can be lifted.

Check out the program below and let the magic happen:

Day 1

4×6 Back Squat, 3-minute rest

4×6 Deadlift, 3-minute rest

4×8 1 Arm Rows, 3-minute rest

Day 2

4×6 Bench Press, 3-minute rest

4×6 Back Squat, 3-minute rest

4×8 Walking Lunges, 1-minute rest

Day 3

4×6 Deadlift, 3-minute rest

4×6 Bench Press, 3-minute rest

4×8 1 Arm Row, 1-minute rest

No one ever got strong from looking at a program or contemplating it. There’s nothing to lose, but there is a whole heap to gain. Trust me when I say that.

Don’t over think it.

Give it ago for 6 weeks and follow it to the T.

Go get after it.

Feel free to share this program to a friend who is wanting to get strong too.

Send me videos of your Deadlift and Squat and I will give some tips on how to maximize strength and technique.

Want to know more or have any questions, contact me and I am happy to help.

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