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How to Become More Confident in Your Own Skin (Part 4)

23 Jul 2019

Pushing the boundaries and stepping outside our comfort zone. This is the step where I want a leap of faith, by doing something outside of the norm, outside our weekly routine. Why? Because if we are not pushed, sometimes we will never jump. I have talked in the previous steps about creating awareness, focusing on […]

How to Become More Confident in Your Own Skin (Part 3)

19 Jul 2019

Making one change at a time. It is too easy to want to go from one extreme to another. Example: going from no training to train 5 days per week. What happens, get way to sore in the first week, don’t go in the second week or not as much, find the pain to overwhelming and […]

How to Become More Confident in Our Own Skin (part 2)

19 Jul 2019

What happens a lot nowadays is that we tend to focus on what we can’t control rather than focusing on what we can control. By focusing on what can’t be controlled, an example is how our weight changes. One week our weight might change by 1kg. The next it changes by 200grams and the next […]

How to Become More Confident in Our Own Skin (part 1)

18 Jul 2019

The first thing is first. Let’s create awareness. What if I told you that losing weight, getting fit and or getting strong is not the answer. That the pain is at a deeper level. And although losing weight, getting fit and or getting strong can help. The pain is deeper because there something else inside […]

Being Consistent Starts with Creating Habits

9 Jul 2019

A lot of things can become overwhelming and be too hard. To give you an example. Going from not training to train 5 days per week seems like a great idea because it will be a great kick start. It means my body can change very fast because I am going from not doing anything […]

Strength Program for Women

8 Jul 2019

Just like this program designed and created for strength. The first step is to be aware of how to maximize strength. The rule is to do 3-6 reps. 4-6 sets and with a 3-minute rest in between sets. Why? Picture this, when a 100m sprinter does their best effort to sprint 100m. They are going […]

Enjoy the Journey, Otherwise What’s the Point?

5 Jul 2019

Yes, it is important to eat whole foods. But it is just as important to do what is sustainable. I find it is good to create balance and don’t do a restrictive diet 100% of the time because, for one, it takes all the enjoyment out of being able to go out with friends/family. Secondly, […]

My Top Two Strength Exercises and Why

2 Jul 2019

Number 1 – Deadlifts Why? Because of the simple fact, the deadlift teaches the simple movement of picking an object up off the ground and putting it back down correctly. Strengthening the back and making it easy to lift children up off the ground as an example. Number 2 – Back Squat Why? Being underneath […]

Getting Strong Is Easy

24 Jun 2019

All it takes is consistency, effort and knowing what to do. No one ever put on weight from eating a lot of food in one day. They put on weight from eating a lot of food over a period of time. No one ever got strong from lifting once, they got strong from lifting over […]

The Beginners Guide to Getting Strong for Women

20 Jun 2019

Simplicity is the key. Too many people over think what they do and they end up going around in circles not knowing what to do. The program below has helped many of my clients lift 100kgs and more, and allowed them to feel confident, do day to day activities easily (like carrying all the groceries […]