Exercise Making Weight Loss a By-Product

Making Weight Loss a By-Product.

Although I don’t tend to focus on weight loss because I see it as a by-product; there are still two things that people can do every day to make it work as a by-product. When losing weight, it is all about burning more than what is consumed (eating/drinking).

Move more

Moving is so underrated but goes a long way. It not only burns calories, clears the mind, but it is also so easy to do. It can be as simple as not taking the closest car park to the supermarket and parking further away. Rather than getting up from the coach to go make dinner, maybe sneak in 5 squats in before walking to the kitchen.

Being in a calorie deficit

Eat less than you burn. Hear me out first. It only takes 7 minutes a day, it is a good way to create personal accountability, creates awareness around how much one consumes and I am not saying eat a strict diet. In fact, what I am saying is have a good balance if it stays within the calories needed for the day.

So how many calories should I consume? It is different for everyone. But a simple way to track is by using my fitness pal. Don’t be that person who picks the largest number possible to lose each week! Put a small deficit to what is needed to maintain the weight because it will help with consistency and sticking to a routine. Let moving more do the rest of the work.

Both are simple but effective!

It doesn’t take a lot to do and to be honest, if those are done consistently, the weight will come down and there is no need to weigh in. Your clothes will tell the part of the story along with a happier and more enjoyable life because there is no stress from the number on the scales.

Act now and go get after it!

It doesn’t take long to get into and it will be noticeable.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

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