Exercise Getting Strong Is Easy


All it takes is consistency, effort and knowing what to do.

No one ever put on weight from eating a lot of food in one day. They put on weight from eating a lot of food over a period of time.
No one ever got strong from lifting once, they got strong from lifting over a period of time.

So going by what I just said.

Consistency is the first step

Consistency is what builds the foundation. The foundation is built over a period of time.

The foundation is training consistently each week, creating good habits (by making one change at a time), soaking up knowledge and implementing everything over a period of time.

Consistency won’t work without effort. It takes effort to be consistent. Why, because to train each week consistently requires effort to turn up. Life gets in the way and without making an effort to go, the consistency won’t be there week in and week out.

It is easy to turn up on the days when nothing is going on and motivation that is high. The days that take effort to turn up for lack of motivation or for anything else that is going on, are the ones that count the most, because if the effort wasn’t there to go, then it is easy to fall back into bad habits over time and get out of the swing of training

There also needs to be effort when training. During a session, if the effort isn’t there, there isn’t going to be a lot of progress and that’s when it will start to feel like a waste of time and a waste of money.

Put in the effort regardless of the situation and getting strong will seem easy.

This brings me to my last point. What to do.

The principles of getting strong are easy

Lift a heavy weight for 3-6 reps.

Do 4-6 sets and rest for 3 minutes between each set.

Do exercises that use more than 1 muscle group. Example doing a chin-up rather than a bicep curl. A squat rather than leg extensions, A deadlift rather than Seated/Laying Hamstring Curls

Check out this strength program that is great for women looking to get strong and want something simple but effective.

Enjoy the Journey.

Have any questions, feel free contact me and ask away. I am happy to help.

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