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Stop focusing on the scale. It is hurting you!

Scales are taking the fun away from training. Training should be what we look forward to doing daily, but it tends to feel more like a chore. So many of us will think, I don’t want to train today, I am too tired to train and eventually get to the outcome of how come I haven’t lost any weight, why am I doing this, what’s the point and so on.

This creates negative thinking and can spiral into stress. When we are stressed, losing weight, building strength, boosting energy levels is 10x harder even though training sessions are being smashed and eating is on point. The whole chain is affected.

My suggestion is to change the numbers that are focused on the scales and focus on improvement within each session. I find it is such a great feeling when hitting new personal bests, whether I squatted more weight today than I did last week, managed to do 1 more chin up today than I could 10 days ago or even beating my time on a circuit that I had created.

Me personally. I take that confidence into every day no matter what I am doing. I tend to socialize better, eat better, sleep better and more importantly feel better about myself. When I don’t hit, a new personal best or ran a little slower today than last time, I am not upset about it. I smile and turn it into a game, where I say, “You got me this time but I will beat you next time”. I move on and then next time I do that session or exercise I accept the fun challenge and often I Succeed. I think of it as a win win!

Don’t take it too seriously and enjoy being active. Otherwise, what is the point?

Sitting down in an office can be boring, but moving is fun. enjoy moving and stop letting the scales control our emotions.

Losing weight, building strength and or boosting energy levels are all great goals, but let it be a by-product from all the fun that happens. It is the journey that makes the difference, not the scales. 🙂

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