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What is the best weight loss program?

What if I told you the program itself does not matter, would you believe me?

Consistency is the best weight loss program. PERIOD.

It does not matter if you can go very strict for 12-16 weeks if once you come off of that program you rebound and again 15 of the 30 lbs you lost back then you continue to slowly gain weight back until you are where you began once again.

I know this sounds familiar to you because 95% of diets FAIL. Read that one more time: 95% OF DIETS FAIL. What makes you think you are any different than the majority of the world? You can not say you outwork everyone around you with your work ethic because if that was the case and true you would have never added that 50 extra lbs in the last two years. It sounds harsh but it’s the COLD HARD TRUTH. And the truth is what you need when you want to lose weight and keep it off FOREVER. 

Here is what consistency with a lifestyle change looks like vs a diet.

Breakfast: 1 egg and 3 egg whites turned into an omelet with veggies and fat-free cheese and some fruit vs a McDonalds breakfast sandwich and an orange juice.

Lunch part 1: protein shake with an apple vs snacking throughout the work day until lunch rolls around.

Lunch part 2: Homemade cripsy chicken tenders used with calorie-free seasonings and low calorie dipping sauce and some fruit vs eating taco bell or any other fast food for lunch.

Dinner: 8 OZ of beef with taco seasoning on a high protein wrap with fat-free cheese and sour cream add in fruits and veggies of choice, vs high-calorie foods like pizza or whatever the average human is eating.

Pre-bed snack: Greek yogurt with pb2 powder and some low-calorie options of granola vs snacking through the night until bedtime.

The approach above has a higher success rate than the chicken, veggie, and rice diet. Repeat for 16 weeks with no break because it has options and has better tasting food but you are not sacrificing taste for quality.

You can not consistently follow a strict diet and that is exactly why you are failing at the diet process. If you would like to check out my online coaching check my website out here!

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