Lifestyle What Gets Rid of Fat Tissue Faster – Diet or Exercise?

What Gets Rid of Fat Tissue Faster - Diet or Exercise?

What burns fat faster diet or exercise?

1. What burns fat faster diet or exercise?

2. What should you focus on?

3. What will finally get you the results you want?

You started a gym routine and diet months ago. Maybe even a few diets. You’re slowly burning out and your body is not really changing as fast as you would like to.

How to get results?

Let me share with you, what I’ve been testing for a few good years on my clients and even longer on myself. Let me tell you what really works so you can apply it to your own routine.


You will lose fat without exercise. Being on an appropriate calorie deficit will make you lose fat tissue even without exercise. That’s no secret, this is the fact.
You might think right now … what? how can you sell training programs when diet on its own could work perfectly fine.
Let me tell you why.


Training not only is helping loose fat even faster but is shaping your body. If you only focus on the diet the only thing that will change is the amount of fat tissue. Losing fat from under your skin tissue without working on your body foundation will leave you with excess skin.
Even if its just minor weight loss it will always be unstimulated by exercise and blood circulation skin that will continue to lose its tightness.

Training will help you build some muscle that will leave your body looking toned and will stimulate fat loss just by keeping your muscle mass alive. Having some muscle burns fat even when your body is at rest. Sounds good? It does to me.

Another benefit of training while losing weight is that calorie deficit doesn’t have to be so dramatic so you can keep enjoying your food and never feel hungry. Food-motivated always.

Focus on:

1. calorie deficit – fat loss

2. weight training – fat loss, body shaping, skin tightening stimulation

3. cardio in moderation – extra fat burn stimulation to speed up the progress.

FIT MODE By Marta Lentner

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