Wellness Well4U Approach vs. “All Or Nothing” Approach

Well4U is taking a revolutionary approach to help you reach your fitness goals!

Well4U Approach vs. All Or Nothing Approach

“I will work hard for the next 8 weeks, give up all bad food, go to gym 6 days a week, and lose as much weight as I can”. Does it sound familiar? This is the all or nothing attitude. We either do it all or we don’t do any of it. As soon as those 8 weeks are finished we feel great but often go straight back to all the bad habits we tried so hard to give up.

“All Or Nothing” Approach

The all or nothing attitude is a frame of mind where people already have a built-in resistance to change by putting a fixed time frame/limit on it.

The All or Nothing approach usually leads to a feeling of failure and confusion . The outcome is a Yo-Yo trend . You have lost faith in what your doing so to continue seems pointless for you. However, you’re trying to stay on track so some weeks are good, some weeks are bad. This not a nice trend to be in because even though we are trying, we are getting nowhere.

The Well4U approach

The Well4U program focuses on incremental change; building good habits by working through small behavior goals in exercise and nutrition. When working with us, you will discover that true success lies not in the outcome but in the journey

You can see that the same amount of workouts are performed in both the All or Nothing and the Well4U approaches but the state of mind is totally different. By progressing slowly and improving on weekly basis you reinforce a positive state of mind. You’re always Filling the glass.

Filling The Glass State

How do you see things?

If I enter a room with a half glass of water and ask you to decide how you see it, this might give me an assessment of how you’re thinking. We have all heard of the “glass half-full, the glass half-empty” theory. If you see the glass as half-full you are considered an optimist, and if you see the glass as half empty you are considered a pessimist.

What if I was to show you how this half glass of water was created? Would this change how you see it?

The well4u Way of Looking at Things

Imagine that I stand in front of you with an empty glass and start to pour water into the glass filling the glass to half way. When I reach half way I then ask you to tell me how you see the glass. The likelihood is you will see it as half full because you have watched me filling the glass.

Watching the action of me filling the glass has given you a positive outlook on the result. If you approach your nutrition and exercise slowly, building your frequency of training and increasing your healthy guidelines over the weeks, the likelihood is by the end of your 8 weeks you will have a positive outlook on your performance. Think of it this way: The glass contains whatever we put into it!

The “All or Nothing” Way of Looking at Things

Now imagine that I stand in front of you with a full glass of water and slowly start pouring the water out of the glass. When I reach halfway I stop and ask you how you see the glass. The likelihood is you will see the glass as half empty. Watching me pour the water out reinforces a negative thought process.

In training, this approach means that we start off at 100% (full glass) but over the weeks we will decline in our performance because we haven’t created the habit changes to do so. By the end of the 8 weeks we are feeling depleted and have a feeling of failure even if we have done the exact same amount as the Well4U approach trend.

Feel The Difference

The Well4u approach reinforces positivity whereas the All or Nothing approach reinforces negativity.

We can adapt our thought processes by our actions. By standing in front of a half glass of water and trying to think of it as half full and not half empty is going to have very little effect on you. However, continually filling a half glass of water will. This action will change how you see the result.

The Well4U approach works so well because we are continually filling the glass and reinforcing a positive result. Our actions are more important than our result. We showed that the result was the same but how we acted to get there determined how we felt.

Once you have built the habits it makes it easier to maintain a more balanced level of healthy living. Why ? Because you are standing on a strong foundation of exercise and nutrition that you took the time to build. Your state of mind is strong because by progressing slowly you able to achieve all your set targets and deal with any obstacles which where put in front of you,

If you have struggled with maintaining a healthy living regime then you are more than likely an all or nothing type, and the Well4U program could really help you step out of this state of mind and develop a more positive longer lasting trend.

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