Wellness Why Do I Even Exercise?

There is much more to exercise than meets the eye.

It is nice to have slender arms, toned abs, a sculpted body but how did it even get there in the first place. From an exercise scientist perspective I want you to know the physiological changes that are happening to you, and because of these changes, you will lead a fulfilled life and get that sculpted body you want in the process!

Reverses Depression

Depression is a very serious illness but there is great news! By exercising regularly, the body releases chemicals like dopamine which are feel good properties of the body. While I was working on my degree, my sports psychology professor would always prescribe running shoes to his patients first. He would tell them movement of the body does wonders and will make you feel much better physically and mentally. His patients would come back with amazing progress and would make it a part of their everyday life. If you suffer from depression or feeling gloomy strap on those running shoes and hit the pavement. I promise you’ll come back feeling much better!

Can Decrease Medications

I work with all individuals but from the ages of 35 to 85 and some of my clients have a list of medications. Medications work but exercise can also be a natural remedy for some of them. I have a list of clients that have come back to me after their check-ups saying there doctor either took them off or lowered the dosage. Some medications that were lowered were blood pressure, cholesterol, type II diabetes, arthritis, and even some types of cancer medications! Who wants a laundry list of medications? Do your part and correct it naturally through exercise!


This is one of my favorite benefits! I work with a lot of elderly people and what happens over time is muscle deterioration, lack of strength and mobility. The number one reason why people go into assisted living is that they don’t have the strength to lift themselves off of the toilet and fall. This is no way to live and we can correct this for you! I have one client and I will never forget the first time we met for his assessment. We were going over his VISION and what he really wanted to attain from working out. His goal was to be able to put on his own socks. I am proud to say that this client now is squatting without any assisted help, not only can he put on his socks on, he can tie his shoes! He has become stronger and has lost weight in the process. The big take away here is that we have made his quality of life enjoyable again. He is more apt to do activities he enjoys and that is PRICELESS!

What I want you to take away here is that exercise increases your overall quality of life. Sure muscles are nice to look at but more importantly is what you can do with them! Here at Matt Skelly Training it is our mission to help you develop the life you want through a CLEAR VISION, PROPER FUEL. And SOLID SUPPORT! Don’t wait on your health! Act today for a better tomorrow!

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