Lifestyle Top 3 Steps For Fat Loss

This is how I would rank the order of importance for fat loss.

Top 3 Steps For Fat Loss

#1 Food

If you eat too little you will lose weight quickly, then stall and crush your metabolism, then gotta reverse diet. If you eat too much you will gain weight. If you eat junk within your calories you may lose weight, you may not. Some people handle blood sugar spikes differently. You need enough protein so you don’t LOSE MUSCLE. All in all, if your nutrition isn’t on point, there’s nothing no one can do to help you… except a surgeon.

#2 Weightlifting

There is NO reason why you should ONLY be doing cardio and no weights. You will lose A LOT of muscle. A muscle starts to atrophy after 72 hours, so imagine if you go 2 months on just cardio and low protein. Also you can get a cardio effect from weights by going from exercise to exercise. No, walking on treadmill at an incline isn’t considered strength training.

#3 Cardio

When #1 and #2 are on point, then cardio will help boost your fat loss. You can try fasted in the am (no food) and after weightlifting are effective. HIIT cardio is highly effective as well.

When it comes to fat loss, focus on your nutrition, focus on your weightlifting routine… then cardio. 

Outside of these 3, there’s no secret. There’s no magic pill. No, albolene will not speed things up.

Do these 3, highly focus on the first 2 and you will get where u want to be.

Yes, you can lift heavy. Don’t hurt yourself, but cut the “light” lifting.

What do you think?