Exercise New & Cool Fitness Craze

Are you in on the coolest new fitness craze?

New Fitness Craze

Fitness trends change almost annually, if not even monthly, in some cases. We are currently seeing everything from Yoga to HIIT (high intensity interval training). We see new fitness formats popping up all over our town, normally originating from someplace out on the west coast.

Recent Fitness Craze

Crossfit, Zumba, Bootcamp and Hot Yoga are just a few recent trends. Don’t forget some of the previous trends that swept the town like: Jazzercise, Step Aerobics, Kick-Boxing, and Spinning. The great news is that they are all getting us out and moving. All of them are promoting physical activity and giving a focus, or rather distraction, from the fact that we are “WORKING”.

Let’s face it, not everyone enjoys exercise.

Having a group setting or a themed workout helps a lot of us “come to the table”. Literally speaking, now it is even increasingly popular to combine a fitness routine or sporting event with a social/ alcohol drinking event. Wow, what we won’t do for an excuse to drink in Muskegon!

Fitness, as with all things in life, requires nothing more than basic movement and resistance. Finding your nitch, your distraction, is the key to staying on an exercise program. Just don’t fool yourself into thinking Sundays with yoga and beer are making you fit and healthy. Let that be your “down/recovery” day.

Stay active, every day, in every way. Your muscles, joints, bones, and brain will be grateful! Make it a point to add not only years to your life, but life to your years!

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