Lifestyle Targeting Problem Areas in Your Body

Targeting Problem Areas

Targeting Problem Areas in Your Body

At the commercial gym I work, I have assessed lots of beginner members who wish to slim down specific body parts – usually the arms, legs, and stomach. I almost always have to explain the fat loss process to them, and most seem surprised by how much work needs to be done to achieve their goals. I wrote this article to: 1. Shine some light into Spot Reduction; and 2. Give suggestions on how to make fat loss less overwhelming.

What Is Spot Reduction?

Spot reduction is the idea of losing fat in a specific body part by training muscles around that area. The general agreement in the fitness industry is that spot reduction is a myth. The body does not discriminate which fat stores to use. However, some say that one can spot reduce AFTER becoming lean through training and proper nutrition.

Fat Loss (Over)Simplified

If you are a beginner coming into the gym hoping to finally get rid of those man boobs, saggy arms, or muffin top, your best bet is to go for whole-body fat loss. There are many factors to consider when trying to lose fat, but I suggest you focus on these to keep things simple:

  1. Control your calories – Gradually reduce food portions to slowly cut down excess calorie intake. I suggest you download this portion control guide from Precision Nutrition for your reference.
  2. Train your whole body – Get the most out of your gym time by doing full-body workouts. Focus on multi-joint movements that use your major muscle groups, followed by your crunches, side bends, tricep kickbacks, and other isolation exercises. Bonus Tip: Train with a qualified fitness professional to jumpstart your fitness journey!
  3. Get enough sleep – Lack of sleep affects different hormones that control our hunger and stress. It also impairs our judgment, leaving us susceptible to making bad diet decisions.

Now that you know better about how to achieve your goal, it is time to make your Momma proud! Remember to stay consistent by making small, sustainable changes to your lifestyle.

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