Exercise Good News: You Don’t Really Need to Exercise, But You Still Need to Move Your Body Every Day

You Don't Really Need to Exercise, But You Still Need to Move Your Body Every Day

Not everyone wants to exercise, I get it. But, as human beings, we all need to move to stay healthy – not to mention complete certain tasks. If you “don’t have time to work out or just do not want to follow an exercise plan, sprinkling some physical activity throughout your day can help you reach the recommended amount of work done.

If your work involves a lot of sitting, you must remind yourself to stand up a couple of times every hour. You can also take a short walk outside the office during your lunch break. If it’s raining, bring an umbrella or just stay indoors to do some desk or chair yoga. Do anything that will keep you from hunching over your computer, and focus on your breathing while you’re doing it.

If you’re at home, you have more options. You can do any non-exercise activity for at least 30 minutes: Clean your room, walk the dog/dogs, wash the car, or do some yard work. Moving your body while making your mama proud is always a good idea.

Need to Exercise

“I play sports/hike/surf/bike every weekend, I don’t have to be physically active the rest of the week!“ 

I hear you, weekend warrior. But consider this: Your body is inactive most of the week, then you demand it to perform on a certain level to win a weekend recreational game, climb a mountain, or cycle to and from one destination. That’s how most people get injured (I can personally tell you how much it sucks to get injured while playing a pick-up game). If you engage in sports or outdoor activities a couple of times a week, you might want to spend extra time the rest of the week to strengthen your body.

To summarize: Don’t sit so damn much, get your heart rate up for 30 minutes at least five times a week by doing low- to moderate-intensity physical activities, and make time to train your body to meet daily and recreational demands.

Thanks for reading! I hope this post inspired you to add physical activity to your routine. Go and move that body that you got from your Mama!

Coach Kendrick Asuncion

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