Lifestyle Starting Training: Making the first step is huge!

Starting training is a big change for your body! It’s that time of year when everyone wants to be ahead of their goals and wishes they’d started training earlier in the year with no breaks. We all have these issues and evidently deal with what we can, here and now. Don’t worry, I’m not about to spout a load of BS stating why it’s too late using a psychological trip as to why you’re finished for this year’s goals.

Starting Training: Making the first step is huge!

Starting Training: Making the first step is huge!

There are several key factors to starting training, maintaining and completing your course and achieving them desired goals. This is by no means in order, it’s totally anecdotal but comes from many years of valued experience delivering results.16 years in fact! Quiet literally, making that first step is huge. Being specific about what you really want and thinking it through, understanding your WHY.

Why do you want this so bad?

It’s not a crime to just wanna look great! It may well be something deeper though. How will it make you feel and what changes will this bring to your life? Upon choosing your goals, making them totally specific to you, I’d ask you to think about exercises and foods that you enjoy? The biggest drop off with people going through a phase of training is consistency. Making your routine enjoyable strengthens that resolve and helps bring on changes because you enjoy the training as much as the results. What can you commit to next week that would contribute towards the end product, write it down and hold yourself accountable…

Challenge yourself rather than trying to pick someone to beat.

Your own progress against yourself is much more rewarding than to beat those who you’re trying to pitch yourself against.

Most of all keep it simple and allow the Fitpro’s to workout the hard parts, keep your training enjoyable, rewarding with a clear path to your success.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the next part of your journey!

Paul Lennon Personal Training

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