Lifestyle Progress Without Excuses and Doubts

So often we get stagnated in the very planning of a fitness goal- how do I proceed and progress? What is the best way? For me, it can go something like this: “I’ll just do four days of online research, ask three friends, read two books, and then maybe I’ll be ready to give it a go.” If this is you too, please stop this madness. There just isn’t enough time to learn all the things and do all the things.

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Recently, a client told me she had a friend that might be interested in working with me, but the friend wants to get in better shape before hiring a personal trainer. That’s like cleaning your house before Molly Maid arrives.

The thought “I’m not in shape enough to get in shape yet” is an example of a self- defeating thought that gives us excuses, and thus permission to stay the same, and away from something of value that is likely enjoyable in process or product. Guess what? I totally get it. I have hired a trainer for myself, and it took forever to give myself permission to do such a thing. It is very logical: she will create my strength program so I can focus on the running part of my next half-marathon training plan.

A month ago, I had this ultimately useless thought; “I should be in better shape right now, especially because I am a personal trainer.” Labeling where I should be does not provide any resolution for the situation at hand. Often, there isn’t logical evidence to support the “should”. There is no sound reasoning to convince anyone that they should have a flat stomach and a butt that can balance a glass of champagne, yet we all tend to subscribe to similarly hard to reach ideals. I realize that what I am actually looking to accomplish is a “could”, not a “should”. I could be stronger. Now, that is something I can work with. That is a deliverable, as they say. I’m not as strong as I was last year because I have been so focused on training clients and running. It’s ok.

No “Should I?” Just Progress

You start somewhere, and you go somewhere. That’s it. Even when it backfires, you moved into uncharted territory, you learned something. When I am looking for excuses to give up on taking better care of myself in any arena, that position of “What I’m doing right now is fine” pops up with impeccable timing. “Fine” is a creature that is chasing its own tail. Not much changes, things don’t get too bad, but then nothing gets really good, either.

That word, “fine”- if you find yourself using it, stop and examine. Fine is the world where we can and should rest sometimes, but not how we thrive. Level up. What would be a little better than “fine”? Write that idea down, and picture yourself in that world.

I know we all need less to worry about, less decisions to make. We have our families, careers, responsibilities, and if there’s time, hobbies and extracurriculars. My ultimate goal in my own training is not to impress the trainer, or the instagram crowd, not even my closest friends and family. No one has time for that and actually living the life.

I’m one of the lucky ones who has always found working out to be fun, a play-time for adults. Now I want to try something new, and to get challenged by someone with a perspective different than my own. In my experience, workouts are like sandwiches- they’re just better if someone else makes them!

Hire a personal trainer, reach your goals and see that progress!

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