Lifestyle How to Make Sustainable Choices in Life and Health


In life and health, doing it right the first time often means you never have to go back and fix it, and redo it over and over again. This is how you start to make sustainable choices that will become healthy habits in time.

“measure twice, cut once”

In my 7 years of being a Cosmetologist, I’m constantly crosschecking layers to create an efficient haircut that blends well and is even on all sides of the head. Just because I have many years of skills and new and improved techniques, does not mean I can skimp out on checking my work and eyeing things out properly.

Taking the time to do a full consultation even on a repeat customer. Before I cut, before I color and before I put on someone’s makeup, I measure twice to ensure I am doing the right thing to achieve the right look!

The same goes for your health internally.

If you never take initiative to measure out pros and cons of diets, to do research on exercise strategies, to find a legit coach rather than settling for the cheapest one… then you may have just made TOO much of a shortcut.

You will find that the more you yo-yo, the more you have to keep going back to fix your mistake, which is often the same one every time! We do it to ourselves, we get too comfortable with what we have done before and we think by trying it again maybe with just some tweaks, maybe a different challenge or DVD, maybe a different weight loss brand, maybe a different gym… that we will see the right outcome.

When we try to cut corners without measuring first, we normally miss that target EVERY TIME. If you’re done wasting time… start measuring twice before you cut. Do it right the first time.

Make it a lifestyle plan, not a 12 week only plan.

You get what you pay for, you also get what you give.

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