Lifestyle Accountable Actions are Necessary for Growth


Most people know to set goals for themselves, but they underestimate the amount of action it takes to get there… which is why we need ACCOUNTABLE Actions.

I know I struggled with this at first.

There comes a point where willpower doesn’t work.

There comes a point where Free doesn’t work.

There comes a point where keeping it a secret doesn’t work.

There comes a point where what you have been doing doesn’t work.

The key to getting past your sticking point or picking up the pace, in general, is to have accountable actions.

One needs to have the knowledge to create 10X change and switch things up by intentions…not just guessing what needs to be changed, but actually creating the RIGHT change.

The best pro sports players have coaches, the best coaches have mentors. Why? Because to hit higher and higher levels of success, it is inevitable that you will need accountability other than yourself.

It is a privilege and an asset to have someone oversee you, who has been there, who knows what you need on an outside point of view, and who kicks your butt when needed.

We are human and we are wired to naturally want to avoid pain and stick to pleasure…so this is why we plateau.

It is a survival tactic, it is an enemy to your progress.

It takes great force to lift your kids up, especially as they grow up and get smarter and independent. As parents, we do so so much to put them first and to ensure that we mentor them the best we can…but why do we have too much pride to have a mentor of our own in the process?

I know I never have been regretful of the mentors and teachers I recruited in my life. Each one played a vital role in my growth and continues to hold me accountable to my future actions. To regress on all that they have taught me would be stupid. You have to keep growing the positive actions you take, because if you are not growing, you are not maintaining or improving, you are slowly dying.

If I am not growing, I am not improving my capacity to be the best mentor for my children. Even the BEST MOMS need mentors.

Who in your life has been a mentor to you?👇😁

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