Tori Porter

Layton, United States of America

Tori Porter

Layton, United States of America

Main Products

  • Fox Body 8 week GYM Training (Intermediate)

    This is an intermediate workout regimen designed to get you from beginner to that intermediate level of fitness or maintain your current fitness abilities while enhancing your physique and health. Week to Week, you will be able to maintain a structured regimen and may customize your progression & keep track of your improvements each week as you check into your workouts & graph your compliance & weight loads/sets & reps etc. *This is a basic and effective plan not designed specifically for your "I Got This" approach. This is a 8 week program, after which a health re-assessment should be done to see what you need for further progression & maintenance in your journey to see which program best suits you. It is recommended you follow proper balanced and enjoyable nutrition that is fit for this amount of energy expended based on your current metabolic rate and energy needs. You will have Fat Loss Accelerator bonuses to complete 1-3X a week to maximize your results too! Completing Days 1-3 are the minimum to get results, completing up to Day 4 is optimal. This gym regimen is perfect for women who need to get in and out of the gym quickly to efficiently fit in to their weekly lifestyles while creating the most efficient and fun results to last!

    $37.00 USD
    per week
  • Foxy Lady Booty Builder (I GOT THIS)

    Build your booty in the Foxy Ladies exclusive glute training regimen, which provides foxy ladies lifestyle in-app community support & accountability and room to add in other muscle group splits as this is an addition to your current or desired training focus. This ADD ON is great for women who need guidance specifically on in-gym training regimens to focus on enhancing the strength and size of their booty and the shape of their legs! You will be able to use our app to add in your own freestyle training regimen to tackle your other fitness goal priorities such as upper body days and other muscle groups, a group training class you enjoy that you'd like to track, hiking or other cardio regimens you already do. We want you to feel confident navigating the gym and getting your booty unplateaued from any stalling in progress you have seen thus far from flying blind in the gym or just not following a particular structure designed to really grow and bloom that booty. This is also a great improvement season add on for our competitor ladies of Team IFOX! Get that physique with a backside you can be proud of! What you Get: -foxy lady booty builder add on program exercise regimen with sets, reps, tempos etc -basic meal plan habit targets to aim for the right carb cycle to nurture the growth of your booty training -progress tracking -sustainable lifestyle coaching

    $250.00 USD
    one time
  • Level 1 at Home

    This online training program is designed for building your Fox Body at Home with bands, dumbbells, bench, or just your bodyweight! Its perfect for beginners to intermediate ladies looking to tone, sculpt and shred their body to their ideal shape and composition. Together we will work on sustainable habit building routines, your nutrition targets, lifestyle tactics and exercise form within our proven and progressive home regimen. Learning self accountability while at home in your own element will be essential to you mastering a well rounded physique and mindset in your fitness journey. You will complete modifications for some of the most effective workout routines with minimal equipment needs at home and often using things you already have access to, such as your laundry baskets, backpacks, chairs/ottomans, steps, a park, your kids, or standard cost effective equipment you can easily acquire as you go and set up a nice little Fox Den of your own! What you Get: -basic meal plan and nutrition targets set by your coach with tracking -habit tracking -sustainable lifestyle coaching -progressive and proven home workout regimen with limited equipment modifications -yoga/stretching routines made for at home relaxation and stress management -kid & park workout Bonus workouts for garage/outdoor functional training! (use your carriers, strollers, wagons, bands and more!)

    $65.00 USD
    per 30 days
  • Level 2 at the Gym

    Elevate your fitness, mindset, health and nutrition with our one of a kind GYM program. This has been designed from the process we take all of our custom coaching clients through in the Total Fox Lifestyle in mind. There is something unique that happens when we bring together our movement for women to start the process in their journeys. Part of it is helping you navigate the gym in a new perspective, confidently and a new strategy. Our goal for you in this program is to move into intermediate splits while working on your strength, endurance, mobility, and of course shredding into some definition. It is ideal to have a well rounded approach to your fitness regimen to maximize the benefits metabolically, mentally, and asthetically. Beauty and health comes from within, and we need to have methods of exercise, heart health, mentality, and nutrition in place for you to make progression happen. Ready to do that? Be a Fox at the Gym! What you Get: -progressive and proven intermediate Gym Training regimen with exercise demos & perscriptions of sets, reps, volume etc. -custom nutrition targets monitored and set by your coach & basic meal plan -habit tracking & coaching -sustainable lifestyle tactics

    $79.00 USD
    per 30 days
  • Total Fox Strength Club

    Join in on the Total Fox Strength Club Workouts updated monthly for your yearly progression! ​13 phases of 4 week spans of workouts ​Improve your strength progress on key movements and exercises ​Improve your physique goals with well rounded workouts and fresh concepts and intermediate to advanced tactics to avoid burnout, injury, and frequent adaptations ​Deliver instruction and educational resources on adaptive nutrition and mindset training to overcome the common challenges of military/first responder family life ​Provide group and community support with ladies just like you going through the same program and with various exciting individual goals to work towards ​track your long term health and physical changes through time while tracking the facts of how well you are consistently working on your goals ​BONUS: the opportunity to set up an amazing foundation to be a good fit in our hands on "i got you" custom coaching programs with the opportunity to apply when slots are available

    $39.00 USD
    per month
  • Total Fox Transformation MAGENTA

    Develop a foxy lady lifestyle with our signature transformation program. A full 16 week commitment to changing your internal and external health, wellness, and fitness. In this package you will get Weekly coaching calls with our Coaching staff & community, Weekly check in feedback with your Coach, Monthly adjustments to your plan as you grow, Total Fox Lifestyle Academy program 16 weeks, Meal Plan & Exercise Transformation program fit to you & ifox app training access! This is our main hybrid elite coaching experience that hundreds around the USA are losing lbs & inches in while living a thin line family lifestyle. We are here to support you and serve you!

    Every month you will get 1 session credits for Onboarding call (expire after 1 month)

    $450.00 USD
    per month
  • Yoga with Leanne

    Our Yoga course is an 8 week long progression with our yogi expert Leanne! You will be able to follow along with her teaching through every yoga flow in our training app with video and can even cast to your TV, or simply watch and complete anywhere on the go. This is a great program for beginners, and intermediates who wish to work on flexibility, mobility, stress relief, and recovery enhancement to current training protocols. Come learn the basics and enhancements of adding yoga to your weekly routine!

    $87.00 USD
    one time


  • Basic Meal Plan

    One single meal plan lay out of what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat, and an accompaniment of a full grocery shopping list & recipe instructions to make your meals. This custom meal plan is crafted for you around your goals and needs to help you progress effectively in your program. Your BMR, TDEE, current health status and nutritional needs and avoidances are all catered to in your meal plan to include vitamins, minerals, fiber, water intake and more! Includes an onboarding call with your coach to discuss your plan with you!

    On purchase, you will get 1 session credits for Onboarding call (expire after 1 month)

    $100.00 USD
    one time