Nutrition Family Grocery Haul

$150 grocery clean eating haul

In this article, I am showing you how to spend $150 for a family of 4 on balanced, healthy eating and flexible and sustainable for everyone in the family. Also, there are so many recipes you can build from the basics.

I used to make an excuse about how expensive eating healthy would be…

when really that was just a complaint about the amount of knowledge I needed to not feel overwhelmed.

It was plain laziness is what it was.

I would buy maybe some strawberries and bananas and call it good.

80% of my shopping cart used to just be microwave meals, frozen pizza, soda, processed junk like chips, cookies…just RANDOM CRAP.

That was my problem. My grocery habits were 80% random and 20% what I “needed”

My habits were unintentional, they were based on cravings I had every week, they were based on how my week went…

“My week was pretty crappy so I am going to buy this ice cream, oh and these chocolate muffins, oh and I guess I kinda miss having Pringles, comfort foods, and emotional eating.

Then because I was so hungry from shopping I would stop and get fast food on the way home!
Dude that’s just more money spent unwisely.

This went on until I actually bucked up and learned the basics of nutrition by just having ENOUGH of the BS…after years of me shoveling whatever I wanted into my mouth… I wanted control.

Not just a temporary fix, not following some stupid plan I got off the internet for free.

I learned quickly by failing several times doing that. It doesn’t work. It’s not built FOR YOU.

Knowledge IS power.

So I didn’t regret investing in the help I needed, I found a way to make it in to Auburn University where I had amazing teachers and mentors not only teach me the importance and scientific purposes behind nutrition, but also how to implement it as a mom, a wife, and a coach to women nationwide so that they can take back their LIFE…and their kitchen.

You see… your grocery cart…or buggy, should ACTUALLY be 80% whole nutrient dense food & 20% whatever else you want with the OCCASIONAL treats…depending on your preferences, tolerances, and specific nutritional needs.

Once I made that flip, the junk I cut out…that itself opened up a whole new level of health, energy, and MONEY in my life.

When you are confident shopping for your family and you are actually shopping for 80% of your needs & only 20% of your “wants”…then you are truly set Free with what you can do with that.

Tired of dreading the checkout line for fear of going over budget?

I get it, I used to sweat bullets from that kind of financial anxiety.



As should you.

So what is YOUR plan?

Are you going to leave your health and your $total balance due to the cashier up to luck?
Or are you going to take responsibility in your health and in your family’s kitchen and truly find a way to make it work every week?

Choose your hard:

▪︎Complaining about price and about shopping healthy, then getting depressed and discouraged about the scale or how poopy you feel every day


▪︎Shop healthy & shop smart and hand your card to the cashier with no hesitation, singing on the way home with your window down!

If you’re gonna go for broke and live your life, might as well be smart about where the money for your mouth goes and how it impacts you.


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