Lifestyle Healthy Way to Lose 8 Kilograms in 30 Days

Choosing to lose 8 kilograms is a very reasonable and realistic goal. Is it easy? – No. Is it doable? – Yes. This goal can be accomplished if you fully commit to making positive changes everyday in your lifestyle and comfortable habits and for the rest of your life.

what are the best ways to lose weight - 8 kilograms in 30 days

Weight gain is an epidemic, and by far is the number one cause to many health diseases around the world.

Gaining more weight is also the number one enemy when it comes to your emotional status. It viciously ruins your confidence very quickly. But the question is, can we gain that confidence back quickly? – Yes you 100% can. Moreover, you can maintain this for the rest of your life following specific proactive habits.

Confidence Resistance

I have trained and mentored weight loss clients from all over the world, and thousands of these clients have 1 thing in common. Confidence resistance!

Clients are resistant to confidence because they feel there is no way out of this fatty body they currently have. Moreover, they believe it is going to take them a long time to progress through it. Usually this coexists along with impatience. People expect weight loss right from the start or within 2 weeks of training. As a result, the process of losing patience usually takes place in day 8 – 14 in weight loss clients. 

Here Is a Perfect Example of What Happens

Let’s just assume you are over weight and you know it. You have this desire to lose weight, so start searching for quick fixes only because that is what media tells you. So you try something that clearly shows you results, and in your first 7 days you drop a kilo or two. Then, after 1 week of seeing that result, your mind tells you, “hey, your skinnier now, well done, go back to your binge eating, you will be fine and you wont put that weight back on.”

Do you see whats happening here? Short-term fix to solve your weight loss issue is not going to  get the result you want. In addition, you will put weight back on very quickly because you lost patience in between; therefore, you lost track!

Sometimes your mind plays little tricks on you. It acts on a very subconscious level, tricking you into thinking “this is it and this is enough, now let’s become fat again.”

Tips to Lose 8 Kilograms in 30 Days

Let me share with you the very healthy ways to lose 8 kilograms (at least) within the first 30 days of starting your fat loss journey. This has helped thousands of my students (and you are one of them).

I like to explain to all my students that food/nutrition is the sponge cake to your weight loss journey. The exercise is the icing to your weight loss journey which gets you even better results. And the mindset is the candles on the cake then shall you see that fat melt right off!

Without the candles there is no celebration! We need a successful mindset to celebrate for a lifetime!

1. Mindset

Mindset is just mindset, but what does it take to unlock it for the better of yourself and your future life with weight loss?

It requires strategies for you to unlock it fully. For example, one part of it is focusing on:

  1. Identifying Your Event That Made You Put Weight On
  2. Know Your Current Feelings Right Now
  3. Know Where The Limiting Belief Is Coming From

The mindset in a successful state right from the beginning is the key to your journey. Without it, you will struggle to get that weight off!

2. Nutrition

Food intake and types of food are the ingredients to your amazing spongy cake. Consuming 6 – 7 meals a day really is not good for your hormones especially Insulin.

Here is a trick:

Meal 1: High Fats, Protein and heaps of Veggies
Meal 2 (dinner): High Fats, some protein, some carbs. Include chocolate about 15 minutes later

Good fats are more proactive foods to consume, but in saying that we do not limit more saturated fats such as: cheese, fatty meats and so forth.

Carbs are just as essential and as long as you’re fitting in the right type of training at the right time, you will have nothing to worry about.

In fact, all my students consume carbs, especially at night! But the results come through!

Proteins are awesome for recovery. So we need them to recover from hard sessions, as well as help us feel fuller for longer. But most of all, proteins help us build lean muscle.

3. Exercise

When it comes to rapid loss of 8 kilograms in 30 days, we need to understand that the body cannot undergo too much harsh training. What this means is, combined with the right nutritional protocols and training we do not train beyond 30 minutes. Minimum is 15 – 20 minutes with a minimum of 3 sessions a week.

The body will release way too much stress hormone called cortisol, which if in excess will cause insulin to secrete and will lead to more weight gain or plateau because insulin stores as fat especially around the belly (abdominal region, waist and arms). So in a nutshell, too much cortisol will trigger insulin, and no matter how hard you train and length you wont lose any fat!

Happy losing 8 kilograms is 30 days!

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