Nutrition Typical Post-Workout Eating Mistakes

There are some post-workout eating mistakes you are probably making. Follow this guide to identify them and start eating healthy!

post-workout eating mistakes and how to eliminate them

It is without a doubt that athletic lifestyle has become a trend, so we can read more and more articles about how to re-fill our body after a workout. However, it is often forgotten that not all forms of exercise require the same recharge.

When it comes to less intense sports like yoga or Pilates, our body’s stores are not depleted, so a generous meal is unnecessary. With intense workouts, the situation is different, but it is certain that it is not sports drink or energy bars filled with sugar and artificial ingredients what our body needs.

Are you wondering what the typical post-workout eating mistakes that we make after training without being aware of it are? Do the following examples apply to you?

You Go Overboard with Protein Consumption

After a hard weight training, we need protein to start the muscle building process. However, if you are not a bodybuilder, and your daily food intake is predominantly protein-rich, it is unnecessary to stuff yourself with a protein shake. The average daily protein requirement of an adult woman is 46 g. Follow the protein intake in your diet for a few days, and if you are far below from the recommended amount then a healthy protein shake can be useful.

Alcohol Consumption

Did you have a stressful day and a tiring workout and you want to end your day with a few glasses of wine? It may be that the moderate consumption of red wine is healthy, but it hinders effective rebuilding of the muscles.

Overtreating Yourself

Many people feel that we can treat ourselves with any delicacy. We deserve it because we worked hard, we had performance beyond the maximum. Unfortunately, we will continue this mindset on non-training days as well.

Are you indulging at dinnertime, because you ran 10 kilometers two days ago?

Unfortunately, according to research, the foods we consume influence much more our health and shape than exercise. The workout will not be effective if you are not combining it with a proper diet.

Avoiding Carbs After Intensive Training

One hour after a high-intensity workout, the muscles need much more glycogen to recover and get stronger. After running, dance aerobics or HIT workout, choose healthy carbohydrates such as fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains, which are the best dietary glycogenic sources. According to nutritional practitioners, approximately 1 g of carbohydrates/kilogram of body weight should be consumed within an hour of exercise. In this case, a protein-based smoothie rich in fruits, for example, is an excellent choice

You Don’t Drink Enough Water

It’s unbelievable, but research has shown that runners are underestimating the amount of water loss by sweat by about 50%. It’s good if you know that even a lighter exercise, where you hardly sweat, can lead to moderate dehydration if you do not rehydrate yourself. Measure yourself before and after a workout to see how much water you lose when you sweat.

You Don’t Plan Your Post-Workout Eating

If you did a full-body workout, don’t be surprised if you’ll be hungry as a wolf. This is the worst time to decide what you will eat. The original plan was to only have a protein shake, but you could inhale a large portion of gyros or something even more calorie rich. After an intense training session, the body is craving only energy-rich food sources.

According to a research, we could choose meals up to 46% higher in calories than we actually need. It is wise to plan ahead and pack a healthy meal made up of lean protein and carbohydrate.

These tips will help you to avoid most post-workout eating mistakes. But in any fitness endeavour, always remind yourself:

Healthy doesn’t have to be hard!

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