Exercise Strength Program for Women

Just like this program designed and created for strength.

The first step is to be aware of how to maximize strength. The rule is to do 3-6 reps. 4-6 sets and with a 3-minute rest in between sets.


Picture this, when a 100m sprinter does their best effort to sprint 100m.

They are going to be knackered straight away, the chances of them turning around and sprinting the same speed with a 45-60 second rest is very unlikely.

It is even more unlikely to do that over multiple sets. The sprinter needs a long rest before they can sprint again at the same pace.

Same goes when lifting heavy weight for 3-6 reps. Don’t rest long enough and it will be very unlikely to maintain the rep range throughout each set with the same weight.

It may seem silly waiting around for 3 minutes, but I assure you, it will pay dividends when your strength is going up like a kid on a sugar hit.

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Give this program ago and follow it for 6 weeks.

Day 1

4×6 Front squats, 3-minute rest

4×6 Sumo Deadlifts, 3-minute rest

5×8 Machine Assisted Pull Ups, 1-minute rest

5×30 second Plank, 30-second rest

Day 2

4×6 Machine Assisted Pull Ups, 3-minute rest

4×6 Front Squats, 3-minute rest

5×8 Dumbbell Bench Press, 1-minute rest

5×20 second Side Plank, 20-second rest

Day 3

4×6 Sumo Deadlift, 3-minute rest

4×6 Machine Assisted Pull Ups, 3-minute rest

5×8 Hip Thrusts, 1-minute rest

5×30 second Plank, 30-second rest

Programs don’t need to be filled up with heaps of exercises to be effective. They need to be specific to the goal to be effective.

Send me your videos of your technique through 2 B Strong’s Facebook or Instagram and I will give you feedback.

Enjoy the journey and go get after it.

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