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Why Our Energy Levels Decrease as We Get Older

Why our energy levels decrease as we get older?

I was speaking to high school students about this the other week.

Giving them an insight into how the body changes as we get older and why.

The reason why I brought this up is because a lot of the women I coach say to me that when they were teenagers they had more energy, never had much fat and now they are tired and have put on fat.

I have found 2 things change when we leave high school:

Number #1

We move less.

Not participating in sport, not walking from class to class, not moving as we did in P.E, not walking around the school talking to our friends and not walking home from school or the bus stop.

The less we move, the less we burn.

Number #2

We eat more.

We get jobs, have this extra cash flow, so what do we do with it? Usually, we buy takeaways that we never use to have, buy more calorie dense food, drink more alcohol.

Moving less and eating more equates to, consuming more than what is being burnt, meaning lower energy levels and more fat being stored.

Simple fix

Track calories to create awareness on how much is being consumed. Then make adjustments over a period of time to the number of calories being consumed to create change.

This does not mean that a super restrictive diet needs to be applied. I am big on balance because it makes life more sustainable and change comes from being consistent.

Tracking calories on my fitness pal only takes 7 minutes a day. Don’t be that lazy that you can’t track. You don’t need to do it for the rest of time. But it is an eye opener none the less.

We don’t know, what we don’t know.

And lastly, move more, go for walks on days off. Don’t take the closest car park to the supermarket, park further away, do 10 squats before walking to the kitchen to get food. Walk between sets at the gym. Track how many steps are being done each day (minimum of 10,000 steps). Be creative with moving more if it is going to help.

Move more and eat less and it will be amazing what can happen.

Need accountability and someone to help drive results? I help people take back their lives by boosting their energy levels and making them strong.

Time to get after it.

Message me if you need help.

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