Trainers The Passion For The Field

Personal Training is probably the most fulfilling “job” I could ever dream of. Please do yourself a favor and help me live the Dream. It’s a win-win! Read all about my passion for the field!

The Passion For The Field

The Passion For The Field


I remember when I realized that helping people get stronger was actually a “job”… My friends kept telling me that I should charge for all the advice I gave out in the gym. I didn’t think at the time that it was ethical, but years later I thought about it, if I want to spend more time helping people in the gym I should make this a financial endeavor and make this more source of income. It’s a win-win trade for what clients get; a lifetime of healthier habits and strong good looking bodies.

Certifications and Trainer Position

2009 I tested and past my certification exam for AFAA, and got a trainer position at the YMCA here in New Braunfels. I quickly went full time and started teaching Les Mills Body Pump and Body Combat.

Life was complete. I found my calling.

Additionally started teaching karate on my own and slowly built up a solid student base, which also started in the YMCA.

The Best In Life

But all of that pails in comparison to the joy I had when I met a girl. A hot redhead that loved children, loved animals and was healthy like me. Now we’re married and have a 4-month-old, Daisy.

Boy how time flies.

Looking back at how much fitness has been an important part of my life I couldn’t imagine where I would be or who I would be without it.

If you need a change, for whatever reason, get in the gym. There’s more than just fitness that you can attain there. A whole life is ahead of you there, transformation and fulfillment.

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