Lifestyle Don’t Wait To Stop Procrastinating

Procrastinating – I put the word “PRO” in procrastination.

Don't Wait To Stop Procrastinating

Don’t Wait To Stop Procrastinating

I feel overwhelmed when I think of all the tasks I have ahead of me, it burns me out just thinking about it so I shut down and don’t do them. Then I’m left ashamed and behind… I’m a verbal processor too so as I type this is for myself, to myself, I hope somebody here finds some useful stuff here.⁣

When it comes to building strategies for myself I follow a few rules to help. ⁣

Three Rules

Organize my day by putting all my appointments and even drive times between them on a calendar.

  • I use Google calendar and sync all my email accounts and color code everything. ⁣
  • Check the calendar before you go to sleep. ⁣
  • Check it before you get out of bed⁣
  • Visualize your day as in a timeline. ⁣

Take advantage of your downtime. ⁣

I’m such an introvert at times… I get social hangovers and need some time alone. My time alone can be wasted or utilized. ⁣
If you’re an extrovert type find the people you need in your world to recharge and get motivated by. ⁣

  • When home, take care of chores and other adulting responsibilities. ⁣
  • Rest well. Recharge for your next appointment. ⁣
  • Hydrate and refuel. ⁣

Make a plan and take action. Strategy. ⁣

  • Set short term and long term goals for the day, the week and the month. ⁣
  • Don’t try to bite off more than you can chew. One step at a time. ⁣
  • If you miss a step in your day move on. ⁣

Get to work guys⁣!

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