Nutrition Your Nutrition Plans Get Derailed on the Weekend

A very common pain point is sticking to your nutrition plans over the weekend.

Here are a few strategies that might help stay on point AND enjoy a little cheat, a night out and fun with family and friends.

Your Nutrition Plans Get Derailed on the Weekend

Your Nutrition Plans Get Derailed on the Weekend

Visualize your challenging nutritional situation (too much food, too much drink, unhealthy choices) and devise a coping strategy in advance of it happening. The more vividly you can articulate the challenge and your plan to cope the better. Writing it down is a very powerful technique.

Here are a few coping strategies that might resonate with you and help you stick to your nutritional goals during the weekend:

#1 – Take less of what you want

This is a great strategy. For example, you’re at a buffet and you WANT a second plate but you know you’ve eaten your portions. Just stick to one plate. It works with drink as well, you really want that 3rd glass, but you stop at 2.

#2 – Distract yourself

You want to dive into those chips again. Go for a walk, get up and mingle, dance, come to the gym.  

#3 – Control alcohol calories

Those of you who know me, know I enjoy my vino . In order to consume less, I add ice-cubes. It feels like a full glass of wine but it’s diluted — so I drink less. If you drink liquor, try using a sugar free mix.

#4 – Find your powerful reason why

You can accomplish anything if you have a strong, compelling reason.

If you need help with any of the above go ahead and reach out. I love helping people transform into the best possible version of themselves.

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