Janet Salazar

Orleans, CA

Janet Salazar

Orleans, CA

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Sample Meal Plan – Fuel to Be Fabulous

17 Jun 2019

I’ve prepared a lot of meals plans. But you know what? Nobody ever uses them! That said, they do serve as are a great awareness tool. A sample menu is a terrific illustration of what a typical, healthy diet should look like. I use 3-4 phases for fat loss because just like your training, you […]

How Much Should I Eat?

7 Jun 2019

My last blog addressed what to eat. If you missed it, you might consider reading it first. Today, we’ll talk about how much to eat. ‘Cause after you’ve figured out what to eat, the next logical step is to understand how much. We all have friends who have lost weight on Weight Watchers, Paleo, South beach, counting macros, etc. Why […]

Make Nutrition and Fitness More Fun!

1 Jun 2019

Sometimes we obese about our goals and waste energy on the stuff that doesn’t have the biggest impact. I find this happening in my practice. Clients want to know: What’s my macro prescription?  Can I eat tomato sauce? Can I have dairy, can I eat potatoes and bread? How many grams of carbs can I […]

What Can I Eat?

31 May 2019

One of the first questions I get asked when people start on their health journey is: “What can I eat?” Is dairy OK?  Can I have bread or potatoes? Is pork okay? I know it’s high in fat. Generally speaking, if you know where the food came from, you can eat it and still lose […]

Crazy Effective Workout

16 Oct 2018

I love this crazy, effective workout because it raises your heart rate, pushes you out of your comfort zone and builds stamina and strength. All that is a recipe for RESULTS!  Crazy Effective Workout – That’s why I’m a big fan of interval training You push hard for a short period of time, then break. This rest […]

Your Nutrition Plans Get Derailed on the Weekend

16 Oct 2018

A very common pain point is sticking to your nutrition plans over the weekend. Here are a few strategies that might help stay on point AND enjoy a little cheat, a night out and fun with family and friends. Your Nutrition Plans Get Derailed on the Weekend Visualize your challenging nutritional situation (too much food, […]

Willpower, Night Cravings, and Tips to Eating Healthy at Night

20 Jul 2018

I hear this often: “I’m on point all day, and then the evening comes… I start eating junk food and I don’t stop until bed time.” – Is it a problem with willpower and is there a way to combat it? Willpower is Finite Firstly, it’s important to understand that you are not alone. This […]