Lifestyle Is It Time To Change The Channel?

“Life is a frequency, stay tuned.”

Change The Channel

For many of us, our lives have become like a TV or Radio that is playing nothing but static or is tuned to a station or show that we really don’t like. What we forget is that we have the power to adjust the frequency or change channel to something that is more clear and more enjoyable to watch or listen to. There is true freedom in knowing we have the power to do this at any moment.

Is It Time To Turn The Channel?

Write yourself a new story

One action step is to be more aware of what channel or frequency you are tuned into and then use the power of writing in your journal in the morning or evening to write yourself a new story, one that you will enjoy watching day in and day out.

Action step number two is to utilize some form of meditation to help you clear away the static and noise that is running all day through our heads.  I use a great app called HeadSpace for my guided meditation practice.  It has a variety of different options for you to choose from in directing your meditation practice and you can choose what time suits you best.  I also love being in nature exercising to help clear my head.  Having a dog forces me to go outside and take her for a walk or run.  Find something that suits you and your schedule.

Find something that leaves you feeling light and carefree

The last action step that you can take is to carve out some special time for yourself.  Do something that you are passionate about where you tap into your creative side.  Do you like to draw, paint, play an instrument, dance?  When you are tapping into your creative side, the outside world and its’ stressors tend to melt away.  For me, I love to sing and dance and I sometimes combine this when I am in nature so I get an even greater benefit.  Find something that leaves you feeling light and carefree after and then you will have a much more productive and enjoyable day.

It is a beautiful thing when you realize that you are in control of your day and which channel that you are tuned into.

Change the Static!

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