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Do you struggle to keep yourself accountable? Is accountability something you even consider? Why is accountability even important?

Accountability is one of the crucial keys to success in any part of your life. If you set yourself a task of writing a book, yet you fail to write pages will this book ever be complete? No.

What’s missing is accountability. Accountability is the driving tool, the force that allows you to reach your goals. In my experience, a lack of accountability is the most reliable predictive tool for failure.

Accountability provides structure, gives us deadlines, and will lead to success if we are persistent.

Some of us have intrinsic accountability that is we push ourselves, set targets, and endeavour to meet them. Others have extrinsic accountability which requires an outside source such as a friend, coach, family member to prompt and push you along to assist you in reaching your goal.

So, let’s say you are the latter, someone requiring extrinsic accountability, how can Move Right EP help you?

Well, one of the amazing tools we utilize is the training app ‘Trainerize’. This affords us the ability to track you, provide you with individualised programs, nutritional advice, habits and we even communicate with you through here through a Facebook-like messenger function.

This tool is something we provide to each of our clients, one of the key ways we ensure you reach your goals is by viewing numbers, seeing you hit your scheduled training sessions, and work with you in finding solutions to the areas you are struggling with.

Some additional ways we may keep you accountable through:

  • Tracking your body weight
  • Looking at how many sessions you complete across the week
  • Ticking off habits such as drinking enough water, taking time to destress or even just go for a walk
  • How you are managing with specific nutritional information such as the foods you eat even down to the amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fats you consume on a daily / weekly basis
  • How many hours you sleep?
  • If you are hitting your steps targets

Now depending on your goal, we may focus on some areas more than others. Each person will require an individual level some needing more accountability, some less.

If you fell into the first category of being intrinsically accountable, Move Right EP can still help you! This may serve in the form of creating a program with a structured outline of what is expected and then letting you schedule in your workouts as you complete them yourself.

Either way, when it comes to accountability, we have you covered.

If you find yourself struggling to reach success in your goals, I want you to ask yourself a few questions.

Have you completed the tasks set for you or by you for the week?

IF Yes:

Did you complete them to the best of your ability?

If No:

What roadblocks came up along the way and how can we overcome them for the next week?
Are you struggling to keep yourself accountable or is it time to employ the help of someone else?

Is your goal achievable/appropriate in the first place? We have written a few blogs to help you set goal which you can find HERE.

Do you use the right tools / metrics to keep you accountable?

Sometimes looking at the wrong area may leave us thinking we are staying on track with our accountability for example: you may have a goal of tracking your macros and you may measure all the food you consume but neglect how much calories you take in by liquids such as alcohol, oils, sauces, soft drinks, and juices. This is a classic example of people thinking they are keeping themselves accountable only focusing on limited or missing the mark with the metrics they are observing.

Ask yourself how hitting or not hitting your goal made you or would make you feel

This may enable you to weigh up the pros and cons of hitting or not hitting your scheduled sessions. There are benefits to both e.g., hitting your tasks for the day / week obviously will keep you on track towards your end goal.

Not hitting your tasks for example, going out and eating a few extra calories may assist you in the long-term goal still by reducing the psychological strain – lose the battle but win the war type scenario.

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