Daniel Cooper

Rosemeadow, Australia

Daniel Cooper

Rosemeadow, Australia

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How to Maximize Your Cardiovascular Training

12 Sep 2022

Are you looking at finally learning about the ins and outs of maximizing your cardiovascular training? You’ve come to the right place! This blog will encompass topics of heart rate, how to find out your max heart rate, and then use this for percentages. As well as styles of training you can use to get […]

How to Exercise for Beginners

15 Aug 2022

Are you someone looking to get stuck into an exercise program? Firstly, well done! This can be a massive step that, if you are adherent can change your life! If you’re reading this, I’m sure you have lot’s of questions around training, health and fitness as a whole. It can be quite overwhelming especially for […]

Just Eat Less to Lose Weight?

4 May 2022

Losing weight can be hard. There’s so much conflicting information that it will make you want to pull your hair out. Are you someone looking to lose weight? A common piece of advice that’s frequently passed down, maybe from a trainer, a friend or some article like this on the internet is just to eat […]

5 Easy Ways You Can Add Exercise Into Your Day

14 Jan 2022

Are you someone who struggles to fit exercise into your day? Well fear no more as we delve into 5 easy ways you can get more exercise into your day! 1)     Schedule exercise into your daily tasks A simple yet effective tool is to make exercise an appointment just like any other commitment you have […]

Why It Might Be Time to Review Your Goals!

15 Dec 2021

With Christmas and the new year fast approaching many of our goals we set for ourselves may need to be re-evaluated. Evaluating your goals could be a useful tool for you to achieve your goals within any aspect of your life. Do you evaluate or self-reflect? For me, I will often set goals for the […]

How We Keep You Accountable

15 Nov 2021

Do you struggle to keep yourself accountable? Is accountability something you even consider? Why is accountability even important? Accountability is one of the crucial keys to success in any part of your life. If you set yourself a task of writing a book, yet you fail to write pages will this book ever be complete? […]

Is It Ok to Be Selfish With Your Time?

12 Oct 2021

Selfish gets a bad wrap, people often associated being selfish as negative, a trait where you are focused primarily on yourself. The time we have is our most valuable commodity, the one thing we can never get back. So why are we demonized for wanting to spend it the way that makes us happy? Today […]

The Benefits of Exercise

17 Sep 2021

Hey You! I’ve got a question: What do exercise and panadol have in common? They are both forms of medicine! Yes, you read that correctly! We all know that exercise can help you gain muscle and lose weight, but did you know it can help with more than that? Exercise should be thought of as medicine! […]

5 Ways to Know You Have a Good Coach

7 Sep 2021

Today I want to help you discover what actually makes a good coach, a checklist if you will so you can find a good coach, one that’s right for you and your goals! 1. They listen to you! Have you ever talked to someone and they are trying to finish what you say and it’s […]

Let’s Talk Posture!

1 Sep 2021

What is ‘posture’? This is a bit of a taboo word lately, and the amount of information out there can be different and confusing. Today we are going to work through this and figure out what it all means! A simple way to think of posture is how you tend to hold yourself. That is […]