Trainers 5 Ways to Know You Have a Good Coach

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Coming across a good coach can be hard!

Today I want to help you discover what actually makes a good coach, a checklist if you will so you can find a good coach, one that’s right for you and your goals!

1. They listen to you!

  • Have you ever talked to someone and they are trying to finish what you say and it’s just completely off?
  • OR maybe you have told someone why you have started training and your availability only for them to turn around and give you a plan that is totally mismatched to what you can do and what you want.
  • This may be a sign they aren’t listening to you!
  • A good coach will take the time to listen to you.

With my clients, I make a point of listening, full attention to my client and what they are saying to me. I will write down the key points so I can reflect and remember their goals. This allows me to keep coming back to it, keeping it front of mind when dealing with my clients.

2. They will hold you accountable

  • When you’re dealing with someone who knows what they’re doing one of the key areas you notice is that you are held accountable for what you do.
  • This means if you miss your nutritional targets or your sleep has been lacking or your training has been subpar, your coach will take the time to re-evaluate with you. And you’ll figure out what the road block is and how you can work together to overcome this.

The clients I work with are held accountable through the data they track. These metrics may be their body weight, training adherence, habits being ticked off, and more. We constantly work together to find solutions to problems that may arise.

3. They know how to program for your goals and lifestyle!

  • While your first thought may be, obviously they know how to program. This actually isn’t always the case.

It is very very very easy to just plug in exercises, no thought or effort required there. The difference between a good program and a bad program however will involve the following:

  • The program is appropriate for your level of training. This means assessing you, scaling the volume, intensity, rest periods, and exercise difficulty.
  • The program will be balanced and reflect your goals! This means that if you set a goal of running a marathon or developing strength the plan will be structured with that being the focus, not just what the coach wants to watch you train.
  • The program is appropriate for your lifestyle. This means that if you are only available to train 2-3 days per week, they aren’t giving you a 6 day unachievable program!
  • They will take the time to build you up. If you did have a goal of running a marathon but also have pre-existing knee injuries, they will first help you overcome the knee issues so you are ready instead of injuring you further in the process.

With my clients, I will take the time to understand their ‘WHY’ behind the goal, gather an understanding of their overall medical history, and how long we have to achieve the goals so I can map out their training blocks in a way that is effective and safe.

4. They are knowledgeable!

  • Now this takes time, a good coach will draw from experience, they will reflect on what has worked. Why it has worked and how they can adapt their experience to meet you where you’re at right now!
  • They will have answers (but not all the answers)
  • This is what can separate a good from a not so good coach, one will be arrogantly self-assured without any evidence or support. The other however, won’t be afraid to say the words ‘I don’t know’. They will follow this up with searching for the answer through reputable sources.

The clients that I work with can feel assured that we are constantly learning. We learn through the practice of regularly updating and continuing our education via courses, podcasts, latest evidence in journals and books + more

5. They achieve results!

  • A good coach will actually achieve results! Sound’s crazy but this isn’t always the case!
  • To achieve results takes time, patience, understanding, connection and good communication to allow you to trust and stick to the plan created for you!

With the client’s I work with we always emphasize the little steps they are making – this is progress to us! Results can occur in many forms, big and small. Don’t forget to celebrate all the wins that get you to your big goal!

Ultimately with your coach you need someone that can listen to you, understand where you’re at, know where you’re going, how to get you there, and how to keep you on track! They will have the knowledge and help you achieve what you’ve set out.

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We look forward to helping you achieve your goals!

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