Lifestyle How to Become More Confident in Your Own Skin (Part 3)

How to become more confident in your own skin

Making one change at a time.

It is too easy to want to go from one extreme to another.

Example: going from no training to train 5 days per week.

What happens, get way to sore in the first week, don’t go in the second week or not as much, find the pain to overwhelming and give up.

Another example, go from eating what you are now, to eating super healthy. It seems logical in theory, cutting out processed foods, give the body more energy, but what happens when the cravings occur 1-2 weeks in and the urge of wanting to go out and have a pizza, a Burger or that chosen food or drink you are craving?

End up giving in and having that chosen food, but then feel guilty and feel like you have ruined the diet and feel that your weight has increased and decided there and then that you will start again on Monday and start indulging even more until Monday, then the cycle repeats.

Change one thing at a time and be consistent with it for 3-4 weeks before making another change. That way a habit can be created and if the change doesn’t work out, make a small adjustment to what was done and then try it again and repeat until it does work.

The other example, commit to training 3 days per week, It’s not over committing, it gives the body more time to recover, it will allow you to figure out if 3 times per week is manageable if it is great, stick to it.

Then create another change. It may be food this time. Commit to changing one meal of the day and make it healthy and stick to it for 3-4 weeks and then make adjustments need be or progress.

Make one change at a time.

It may be trial and error at times, but it means habits can be created. Change can occur over time consistently because it is a lifestyle change, right? Not a quick fix.

It stops the tail being chased around and around in circles until giving up and finding it too overwhelming time and time again.

It’s all about creating a lifestyle that is sustainable and enjoyable. That’s why it is great to not make the process overwhelming, by finding what works and what doesn’t one change at a time.

By doing this, it will be easy to not overthink, to enjoy the moment, to learn about what is going to work and what isn’t. You will be able to eat out with friends without having to worry and to not feel like a failure. And most importantly, you will start feeling more like yourself and becoming the person you want to be.

Part 4 of how to become more confident in your own skin is another great read and valuable.

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