Lifestyle How to Become More Confident in Your Own Skin (Part 4)

The Real Path to Results

Pushing the boundaries and stepping outside our comfort zone.

This is the step where I want a leap of faith, by doing something outside of the norm, outside our weekly routine.


Because if we are not pushed, sometimes we will never jump.

I have talked in the previous steps about creating awareness, focusing on what can be controlled and making one change at a time.

It is now time to take action.

Each week I take myself out for dinner and/or go to the cinemas by myself. The reason is so I can get off my phone, get outside of my house, create new possibilities and live in the moment.

Too many of us overthink (myself included) and getting outside of the walls of comfort, is a simple way to stop thinking, clear the head, build self-belief and most importantly stop worrying about what others think for a change.

It is time to jump and take action.

Because if you don’t take action now, when will it happen.

Picture being able to walk around the house naked and being happy.

Being able to go out for drinks and not have to worry about how much to drink.

Being able to throw the scales out of the house because they are not needed anymore.

I am better at socializing and engaging with others, I don’t care what others think, I am happy in my own skin, I eat out every week, I’m in a more positive mindset, in a better headspace and by all of this happening, I have become more confident in myself to be who I see myself becoming.

Chose one thing to do and go get after it.

I know it seems scary, daunting and overwhelming, but if it isn’t going to happen now, when will it? The knowledge is fresh and the motivation is high.

Don’t let fear hold you back and let what you see, be what pushes you to jump.

Enjoy the journey and don’t look back.

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