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Fitness and Politics

Fitness and Politics

This is a topic that we should all be concerned about. With the upcoming Presidential election right around the corner, fitness should be a topic of discussion and focus.

It is a huge driver for the following:

  1. Economy- fitness provides jobs and taxes
  2. Small businesses- depend on the fitness industry for personal training and group classes within the boutique sector
  3. Large corporations- provide important services to seniors, students, and the community. They provide job growth and careers for all levels from executives to entry-level positions
  4. Decreasing obesity – we know that at-risk populations are the main driver for COVID-19

In the state of California, we have been decimated by political ineptness and bureaucracy within the health and fitness sector. This pandemic is real and has affected many populations adversely. Wouldn’t it make sense to create a health counsel to work with the medical sector to find solutions?

Certainly health and fitness are a bridge to healthier immunity not a crutch to the worsening pandemic.

As long as social distancing guidelines are followed why wouldn’t you encourage and incentivize healthy behaviors?

Gyms and virtual platforms could create the needed conduit to connect people to healthier behaviors. Look, at-risk populations such as seniors could benefit from virtual platforms. Why wasn’t this a priority? The isolation many have felt coupled with inactivity quite frankly exposed our ineptness at bridging politics and health.

But people should be at the heart of solutions. There isn’t a simple answer to correcting this gap that currently exists. Political views aside, keeping our population and country active should be the top priority. We must aggressively attack obesity and encourage healthy lifestyles. Our longevity and long term economic growth depend upon this. Above all, a healthier active country is a prosperous and productive one.

Therefore, we need gyms and fitness centers of all sizes to accomplish this. Clearly, this is a consumer desire or there wouldn’t be such an aggressive footprint to build online subscription-based platforms that integrate technology.

My hope is that the fitness industry and the medical industry can work together and bridge the health gap that currently exists. That is to say we all need each other and our elected officials to represent what is best for our communities. Fitness is a necessity! Health is a necessity! Also, beating this pandemic is a necessity! So my belief is through awareness and introspective analysis we can find commonality and reasonable solutions.

Don Cardona

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