Wellness Wellness Overview

Wellness Overview

Wellness Overview

What is the real definition of true wellness? That would depend on who you ask. In my experience wellness has many different factors, hence a broader definition than most realize.

Let’s look at a few factors that encompass “Wellness”

Age, in my opinion, is a huge factor and has a lot to do with one’s perspective on wellness. Active aging means being physically fit. Being mentally and emotionally balanced should also be a goal. Your age will determine your perspective on what wellness should be. Wellness adds life to your years and frankly years to your life. Wellness, as you age, is imperative. Let’s reference to current global events. Individuals that lack wellness is specific to populations such as those that are afflicted by obesity. Obesity increases your risk of contracting COVID-19. Knowing this key statistical data point why aren’t more demographics incorporating regular exercise and healthy eating habits? This astounds me, having this knowledge should alterer behaviors. Health is synonymous with Wellness.

The second factor is mobility and balance. Wellness should encompass these areas. Most people as they age worry about falling. Why? That could lead to injuries and quite frankly a loss of, “independence.” Wellness should be about correcting postural deviations and imbalances thereby improving stability along with mobility. Wellness is about being able to move properly and freely accomplishing what’s important to you! Aging actively is about freedom and physical independence.

Mental wellness and happiness are critical.

Look for the sake of the argument I will reference a very, “specific aspect” only of mental wellness. The benefits of daily activities and the role they play on the body’s ability to release positive endorphins. Exercise plays a key role in mental health. The benefits of the cardiovascular activity or anaerobic activity such as strength training are well documented. Populations that train consistently feel better and fight disease more effectively. Your outlook though is imperative on overall mental health and wellness. Make no mistake though it is directly linked to physical activity.

Lastly, another element should focus on strength and stamina. Wellness must incorporate being strong enough physically to perform daily tasks. Functionally strong, being able to translate strength into movements. Simply put having the endurance to do strenuous activities and being able to recover within a reasonable period of time.

I am going to be 48 within the next couple of months, so I understand how age plays a role in my definition of, “wellness.” I have overcome injuries, range of motion imbalances, and numerous impingements physically. These restricted my mobility and balance until designed a plan. Consistent execution of my training and dietary regimen helped me attain a holistic approach to wellness.

Now I am the best version of me.

Being mentally strong enough to the game plan and overcome these gaps is why I write this article. There is a simple formula to achieve wellness at any age. My passion is about wellness and how it relates to overall health and well being. I am a certified personal trainer with over 25+ years of experience. My clients get results. I love the brand I represent and am a product of my studies. My goal is to help educate and empower people to live their best version of themselves.

Wellness is a challenge, it is a competitive approach to life. It’s about incremental gains daily. It’s also about finding balance and harmony with one’s true self. Balancing constant challenge and change as you age. The only person you should ever compete with is the person staring back at you in the mirror.

Here is my simple strategy for wellness:

  1. Daily multi compounded strength exercises. Weight-based or body weight-based.
  2. Walking daily, getting at least 10,000-15,000 steps per day.
  3. Eating smart. Simply put choose healthy options the majority of the time. Non-refined or processed foods. Make habits of eating fresh produce and vegetables. Get enough protein.
  4. Work on your balance and stability. Keep your body limber and flexible.
  5. Smile, never take yourself or life too seriously. Focus on what you can control and your outputs to get there. I always have better clarity when I am fit.

Seek out those that have the wisdom and experience to assist you. Join communities that are uplifting yet challenging. Ultimately you will need to define what wellness means to you. The fact that you’re contemplating though is a positive step. Self-improvement is the road to true Wellness. In conclusion, my definition of wellness leads to happiness and fulfillment.

Don Cardona,

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