Lifestyle Build Habits That Suits You Best

Build Habits That Suits You Best

Build Habits That Suits You Best

You should build habits that work for YOUR personality. People can get ripped working out and training like a bodybuilder. But if you prefer cycling or rock climbing or swimming then shape your habits around your interest.

If your friend is following a low carb diet but you find that low-fat works better for you, then more power to you…If you want to read more, don’t be embarrassed if you prefer steamy romance novels over educational non-fiction. Read whatever interests YOU. 

You don’t have to build the habits that everyone tells you that you have to build, chose the habits that best suits you, not the one that’s most popular.

There is a version of every habit that can bring you joy and satisfaction, find it. Habits need to be enjoyable to be maintainable. Find things that the odds are in your favour. Just because your favourite Instagram influencer is following this diet and this workout doesn’t mean it’s suited for you.

Do what’s best for you and find the habits that work better for YOU.

My skill set is focused around bodybuilding, muscle building and developing lifestyle through fitness. But just because that works for me, doesn’t mean you are in the same boat. You may find success through journaling, or playing sport or creating and making physical products.

The point I am trying to get across here is the things, diet, exercises that may have worked wonders for your friend will not always give you the same results. The benefit of seeing a personal trainer is within the fact that I will give YOU what you’re strong at. The exercises that best benefit YOU. The diet that best fits YOUR lifestyle and body.

Because everyone is different and YOU need to do what is best for you. And the best thing for you to do, is to join my team.

Let’s go,

Working for you 🙃
– LB

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