Nutrition Top 5 Strategies for Dieting

Top 5 Strategies for Dieting

Top 5 Strategies for Dieting

Dieting. It seems to be the hottest topic and it always is the first question my clients seem to ask me. I want to diet and lose weight. They say that they have tried this diet and this diet and this one, and they are following this and this and doing what their old trainer told them.

But if it isn’t working, are you really dieting?

So here are my top 5 strategies for dieting:

1. Make it fit your lifestyle 

If you are working a very restrictive job and you do not have the ability to eat 6 meals a day due to work, then don’t. Ask your trainer to cut the meals down to 2-3 per day. Or introduce intermediate fasting into your diet.

If you do not have time to cook dinner after work because you do long times then meal prep. On a weekend create your own menu so things are planned out and reduce binging.

Monday: Spiced Chicken with vegetables and black satay rice.
Tuesday: Bean pasta with tomato plant minced meat
Wednesday: Baked fish with fresh salad and homemade fries
Thursday: Chicken Caesar wraps
Friday: Turkey Poke Bowls with rice noodles.

This way you can prep ALL of these things on a Sunday afternoon, freeze them, and have dinner ready within 15 minutes when you come home. Stick the menu on your fridge so you know exactly what you’re eating. Which brings me to #2.

2. Make sure you actually follow your meal plan

When you become apart of my team I will write you a diet plan based on your lifestyle. Make sure you actually follow the bloody thing! We trainers don’t just whip up a generic diet plan that “fits all”. Every gold trainer and nutritionist will carefully sit down with you and work out exactly what is best for you. If you are given a plan, FOLLOW IT. Because it will work. Well, mine will work.

3. Don’t try and force-feed foods just because they are considered “healthy”

This is a big one, Don’t try and force-feed yourself foods that are hyped up on Instagram and social media. If you don’t like skulling apple cider and vinegar in the morning because some Fit Mum on Instagram told you too, THEN DON’T. If you don’t enjoy Brussel Sprouts, then DON’T eat them. We can always introduce other foods with the same amount of benefits.
If a food packet is labeled ‘organic’, ‘healthy’, ‘low fat’, ‘good source of protein’, or any other cheesy sales pitches, do not assume they are healthy for you. Always be sure to read the nutrition panel or contact me to help.

4. Stay Hydrated

Water is your best friend. And your body needs it to survive. There are quite literally thousands of blogs and studies about the essential of hydration. You SHOULD be drinking 1.5L to 2L per day. There are proven studies that adequate water consumption can assist with weight loss.

5. Do not bash yourself up when you go off plan

Change your mindset when it comes to foods. If your staff colleagues bring in sweets to work because it’s a Friday, it isn’t going to kill you to treat yourself to one. But once you have a serving, you get straight back onto your plan.

There have been too many times where I hear stories of people having one donut, and because you have had one, your mindset goes ‘fuck it’ then leads to 5 donuts. Because you have had 5 donuts, you say ‘well I might as well have KFC for tea now’. Then just spirals downhill from there.
People should enjoy their lives. You should NEVER have to skip cake at your birthday party because you are ‘dieting’. Or not have a nice dinner on your anniversary. Don’t be that person that is ‘dieting’ your entire life, then just binge eats in silence.

Have the ONE treat, but then straight back onto your plan.

Dieting doesn’t have to be hard. It is as hard as you can make it. (Unless you are prepping for a bodybuilding show.) Keep these 5 tips in mind and hopefully, you can put them to practical use.

If you need help with nutrition or dieting plans, wanting to lose weight or build muscle. Send me an email and book a nutrition consult. Together we can talk about your struggles and put together the best plan FOR YOU.

Happy Saturday Legends.
Peace ✌️

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