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Being Consistent Starts with Creating Habits

A lot of things can become overwhelming and be too hard.

To give you an example. Going from not training to train 5 days per week seems like a great idea because it will be a great kick start. It means my body can change very fast because I am going from not doing anything to becoming a lot more active.

What tends to happen is that the body gets sore. It becomes hard to function to do day to day activities. Sitting down on the toilet, get in and out of the car, walking up stairs, bending down to pick up the kids, all become very hard.

It almost warrants paying someone to be a full-time spotter for day to day activities.

What also happens is that turning up to the gym 5 days a week can be a lot harder than what initially is thought. Life gets in the way, we get sick, we lose motivation (most likely from not getting results or just don’t enjoy what is being done), wanting to go out and socialize with friends any many more reasons.

What tends to happen is we start talking to ourselves and trying to justify why we should do and why we shouldn’t do. It’s nearly like a full-on argument at times.

One reason why it can feel overwhelming and that it is too hard. Also, it’s because habits have not been created.

Going from one extreme to another is difficult and not many are able to stick to it for more than a few weeks.

How I coach my clients is to change one thing at a time that is manageable.

Go from not training to train 3 times per week and stick to it for 4 weeks. If that works, then great, stick to it or increase to 4 days.

If it doesn’t work, decrease to 2 days per week and see if that is more manageable. Then try that for 4 weeks and if it is manageable then either increase it back to 3 or stick with 2.

Making one small change at a time and adjusting need be, will help to create a habit so that it can all be sustainable.

Because let’s be honest. Yes, we want to change, but we also want it to work over a lifetime, not be a short stint and to go back to square one or close too.

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Till next time. Go get after it.

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