Lifestyle 3 Tips That Will Help You Maximise Workouts

Welcome back to another post where today I will be providing you with 3 tips on how to maximise workouts.

3 Tips That Will Help You Maximise Workouts

We all hate that feeling when we know that we could have done better, right? Whether it’s a lack of focus or just simply not being prepared, read on to find out how I combat these common problems that many lifters and athletes alike face on a daily basis.

3 Tips That Will Help You Maximise Workouts

1.Get a good playlist sorted beforehand

Many a time I have rocked up to the gym and then spent about ten minutes trying to figure out what I’m listening to for the next hour and a half. Oh and yeah, pressing shuffle on Spotify may at first seem alright but when ‘ABBA’S greatest hits’ comes on your opinion may differ…I know mine does! That’s my mum’s playlist, I promise! Getting your playlist of your favourite bangers sorted before you start working out a) gets you in the mood to work hard and b) makes your workout more enjoyable.

2.Put your phone on silent

This isn’t the time to be texting friends. This one hour period of your day has been set aside for you to work towards your fitness and health goals, distractions just prevent you from having an awesome workout and working towards a better you.

3.Pack your gym bag ahead of time

I must admit I am guilty of not doing this sometimes, particularly if I’m a bit stressed out and have other commitments I’m trying to balance. Sorting this out beforehand saves you from taking about ten trips to the water fountain if you don’t have a water bottle, working out without music because you forgot to pack your headphones (link to my opinion on music and exercise below!) or not having a protein shake straight after you’ve finished your workout. It’s just a bit of a pain in general to be honest!

Implementing these tips has helped me in the past to stay focused on my workout and smash the main aims of workouts: lifting, looking and performing better every time you train. I hope it helps you too.

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