Nutrition 7 Best Protein Sources on a Student Budget

Boost protein intake with these 7 protein sources! 

what are the best protein sources on a student budget

Yes, I know the struggle of being a student. The grim sight of looking at your bank balance when you wake up on a Sunday morning with lots of transactions and no earnings coming in. It may even be the case of slipping into our overdrafts. When it comes to what we choose to spend our money on, unfortunately, making gains isn’t always at the top of our priorities. However, this doesn’t mean that we have to eat badly!

Here I provide several awesome foods that are must-haves in your cupboards to make sure you’re on track without spending more money than you already are.

Affordable Protein Sources:

1. Protein Shakes

You might be thinking, “these aren’t cheap! James, what are you talking about?”

However, they are if you choose the right brand. Don’t be blowing all your money on Optimum Nutrition gold standard whey protein. It just isn’t worth the ridiculous prices that they charge for it. Your best options are MyProtein and Quality Save. Yes I said it, Quality Save. In my best year in regards to progress with my training and physique, I used protein powder from Quality Save. The range of flavours may not be like what MyProtein has to offer. But, you get the same amount of protein per serving (20g) as any other brand for a much cheaper price. 1kg for £10! For a quick comparison, MyProtein sells 1kg for £17.50 which is still very good compared to other brands out there.

2. Baked Beans

Now this really is student lifestyle. I bet you didn’t know that half a can of baked beans has 10g of protein in it!? Get to your local shop and stock up on these. They are cheap and get your protein intake up for the day.

3. Tinned Tuna

Personally, not a favourite of mine but my brother loves it. This is one of the greatest protein sources for those who fish but doesn’t have time to cook. Also, a very good sandwich filler if you’re on the go. Like protein shakes, it’s convenient and can you name any student who doesn’t like something convenient?

4. Eggs

One of the best protein sources available. If you have an Aldi near you then you should make the most of how cheap their eggs are! Throw them into an omelette or if you love them as much as I do then eat them plain!

5. Chicken Breasts

I’m sure you were all waiting for this one. Also, I’m sure you have this in your list already. We all know it is hands down the best option other than protein shakes. Just as long as you make sure that what you’re buying is lean and not chicken covered in skin or anything like that. Or even better still if you have a local market nearby then check it out, I’m sure they’ll sell good quality chicken at affordable prices!

6. Beef Mince

Again, similar to what I said about chicken breasts above, make sure you get lean beef mince preferably 10% fat or less. It should say on the packet so just look out for it.

7. Seafood Mixes

I know this is supposedly not cheap, but if you do have an Aldi or Morrison nearby they should be more affordable. Either way, they are one of the best protein sources I’d say after chicken, so if you are willing to pay slightly more for something other than the foods mentioned above then I would personally go for this.

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