Exercise Top 5 Exercises That You Should Start Mastering – Women Edition

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Top 5 Exercises That You Should Start Mastering – Women Edition

Let’s talk about how you should build a routine.

You should pick an exercise, preferably a compound movement for each main movement pattern, and focus on getting strong in those.

It should be your long term goal to get stronger and improve your technique/form in these movements.

Center these essential exercises in your program. Of course, you can do other movements too, but these are my recommended exercises when it comes to making a program for women, whatever the goal is.

I know some of them could be hard to do it when you don’t have a well-equipped home gym, or you don’t have access to the gym, so that I will give you some alternative versions.

Pull Up

One of the best exercise for upper body movement and trust me it’s one of the best feelings when you can do bodyweight pull-ups for reps. An alternative version could be a lat pulldown machine, assisted pull-ups.
For the home workouts to try the modified lat pulldowns with resistance bands

Overhead Press 

I always put great emphasis on shoulder workouts because it helps a lot with your upper body appearance; also, most of the upper body movements require healthy shoulders. You can do it in so many ways, with barbell, dumbbells.
For the home workouts, try the long resistance banded shoulder press or dumbbell shoulder press if you have any.


Probably the best lower body exercise, you can modify it so many ways to emphasize different parts of your legs.
For alternative version: Goblet squats, bodyweight squats

Romanian Deadlift

For women, I prefer Romanian deadlift out of all the deadlift versions because it is the most optimal for glutes. But also you can do Regular Deadlift, Sumo Deadlift, with dumbbells.

Hip Thrust

Everybody’s favorite glute exercise. It’s one of the best exercises to build the glutes. There are so many variations you can do. My most recommended one is the barbell hip thrust. For the home workouts, try the glute bridge or one-legged hip thrust.

Pick one of their variations of these exercises and get stronger in them and see the “magic” happening!

Coached By Sootz

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