Lifestyle How to Stop the “Time Excuse”

How to get over IF ONLY I HAD TIME excuse!

“I want to lose weight, but I work forty hours a week.” “I’d love to have a strong, athletic physique, but I have three kids and a dog to provide for.”

The Time Excuse

The Time Excuse

Time. It is our most valuable and powerful tool. It pushes us to reach our goals and strive to become more efficient, but no matter how hard we try, there never seems to be enough. With work, school, family, friends, and those unexpected bumps in the road of life, finding time for ourselves, to care for and grow stronger in our bodies and minds, becomes a difficult and daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be.

Despite what the majority of the fitness industry would have you believe, YOU DON’T NEED TO LET “WORKING OUT” TAKE OVER YOUR LIFE in order to have a STRONG, HEALTHY, and CONFIDENT body. You don’t need to spend two or three hours in the gym to add a hundred pounds to your deadlift. You don’t need to run, lift weights, do yoga, and do 50 push-ups before bed in order to lose 40 pounds.

Since I was a 110lb eleven-year-old who could barely perform a single half push-up, my goal has been to increase my strength. Back then, video games consumed my every waking minute, and I had no idea  by doing as many push-ups as I could every night, six months later I could do fifty. At sixteen-years-old, with an intense AP school schedule, a part-time job, a school club to run, and family all demanding my time, I designed a thirty minute weight-lifting program and went from a 0 pound deadlift to a 345 pound deadlift in 6 months and performed my first muscle up.

So why do you care? Because the fundamental rules of improving fitness do NOT make time a constraint. Aimlessly jogging on treadmills, training for “the pump”, and generally ignoring basic bio-mechanics and training PRINCIPLES will make time your WORST ENEMY.

From Pavel Tsastouline’s “greasing-the-groove” to Tabata HIIT protocols to basic, EFFECTIVE weight-lifting and body-weight workouts, all of the building blocks are out there to destroy the time excuse and create a simple and efficient fitness program that fits ANY and ALL time restraints on your life.

The truth of the matter is that there is no one right way to spend your time, but there is a right way to not WASTE your time when achieving your fitness goals. As a result, to MAXIMIZE your potential, you MUST take one of two paths.

Path A: As I did when the worst thing in life was losing an hour of videogame time, research and read up on all the information you can in order to make your time in the gym efficient.

Path B: Let someone else do it for you. Let someone else who’s spent that upfront time-cost look at your life, at your time, and figure out how to reach your goals. Let someone who REFUSES to let time become an OBSTACLE and who has already discovered some of the most SIMPLE yet POWERFUL methods to developing a stronger, better body, help you do the same.

Either way, it’s time to force TIME to be on your side.

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