Nutrition What I eat: Protein, Fat, Intermittent Fasting

protein and fat

My every day eating

I intermittent fast for 15 hours. To those that know me from way before skipping breakfast was the biggest challenge, I use to eat first thing in the morning because I felt as if my body needed it. Now I love fasting, I begin my day with water first thing 1 liter, movement push-ups right to it, gratitude, watch the sunrise even on days without the sun. I love to be up and presence to this incredible day we get before us.

My first meal

My first meal is protein and fat (3 eggs w/yolk seasoned with the new primal coconut aminos or Bragg liquid aminos and avocado with a sprinkle of Himalayan salt because the potassium in conjunction with sodium adds for greater vascularity, that’s improved blood flow.

I also love to keep my body in a reduced state of sugar going as long as I can without a carb (to avoid the Thanksgiving crash, you all know). When you eat carbs it gives you that boost, but instant gratification is followed by rapid falloff (a straight cliff hanger).

Then it’s smoothie time when I add in my half-frozen banana into my Green Morning Smoothie: spinach, broccoli, kale, peanuts without the high fat component. This past week I’ve been adding in this new Manitoba Harvest Plant Protein Blend, which has 20g of protein per scoop and 15mg of CBD, which has been the perfect dose for me as I could tend to be too relaxed in my muscles. This dose encourages relaxation for recovery while still keeping me high-alert. Of course, I add in 1 tbsp of chia seed because protein, fiber, fat, and fat facilitates the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, it’s essential! 

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Second half

I continue heading strong along with a big salad, a big green salad and choose your protein lately. I’ve been leaning towards the tofu from sweet greens because I love that comes from a trusted locally sourced company to deliver high value on their CPG. Dinner is going to be free for all, especially during my feeding window coupled with a big workout today. I’m leaning towards homemade tacos with the meat!

Love y’all!

Coach Jon from Jon Aleman Health Coach

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