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Start your week with some great intentions!

Let’s begin this week with some great intentions – like commitment to excellence, scaling, positivity, encouragement, and commitment.
Let’s commit ourselves to show up and be the best we can be. Tune into now, today, and give it all at 100%.
Let’s concentrate on the change that we want and the tasks that must be done in order to see the change.
Let’s regain the power of our positive emotions like compassion, hope, joy, love, serenity, happiness by being more present and from the place of being thankful.
Let’s look around today and see how much of good is in this world. We look so much into the big pictures that we forget the smallest moments. That, at the end of the day, can create the most beautiful emotion for you to carry on.

Start your day with empowering words

Starting your day with few sentences of empowering words from a good book can have an amazing impact on you. You will feel more vibrant, alive and it will empower you. Because – let’s be honest – it all starts there in your head – your headquarters of navigation. You must be in it to win it – mind is 1st !
Creating blocks of the most important task will give you direction for your day as well your most 5%. So you will not feel scattered and overwhelmed. If you just started your journey (building up your business or starting your health regimen ), think about the tasks associated with accomplishing that goal.
Having a great nutritional 1st meal like a good balanced and healthy breakfast will give you the best energy for continuous work and it will protect you from feeling guilty for eating unhealthy.
Setting up the time to stay active – a full hour of high-intensity workout will deliver the one of a kind endorphins that will help you feel happy. Once you start the exercise program the cascade of biological events will boost your mood.
So my friends- those few simple steps above applied today and repeated daily can trigger your brain to release more positivity than ever before.
P.S.  Let’s boost your happiness together by doing all the above and more – because remember: You are amazing! So go out there and make a difference today!
” No Excuses” ” Bez Wymowek “

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